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Michelle Cooper is a Business Mentor, Author, Podcast Host, and International Speaker. What began as a journey of self-awareness and healing has boomed into over a million-dollar business empire with a mission to shift the trajectory of wealth, one entrepreneur at a time. 

Michelle will help you tidy up your money and the relationship you have around it so that you can run your business and life with confidence and clarity, ultimately ending the suffering around your finances. 

Michelle has provided me with a safe space to have honest conversations about my relationship with money and wealth.

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Three ways to work with Michelle.

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Explore the magic of Alchemy Accounting + Bookkeeping, where Michelle and her team turn financial chaos into harmonious order. Their expertise will transform your business finances, allowing you to see and love your numbers differently. For all your accounting needs and a clear financial vision, head to the Alchemy website.

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Dive into the Sacred Money School, a haven for women seeking financial empowerment, where members build transformative habits around money. Connect with your tribe, access valuable resources, and redefine wealth at the Sacred Money website. Fun fact: Alchemy clients receive complimentary access to this vibrant sisterhood.

Michelle Cooper sitting in front of her laptop

Ignite your audience with Michelle's vibrant insights on business growth, profit, and the intricacies of money mindset. Be it podcasts, conferences, or retreats, her captivating presence—whether virtual or in-person—guarantees a transformative experience. Explore Michelle's speaking topics and booking details.

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Michelle is a money rock star!

"I now think about the money coming in and going out in a completely different way. Michelle has become a strategic partner in that she challenges me to think bigger, look closer and make more thoughtful decisions as a result."

Nikki Rausch
The Sales Maven

Revolutionize your wealth.

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Dive into the Rich Life Revolution podcast, your gateway to elevating wealth and mastering personal finance.

Guided by the expert insights of Michelle B. Cooper, this podcast seamlessly merges enlightening financial narratives with actionable, workshop-esque episodes. From candid tales shared by accomplished entrepreneurs to Michelle's own seasoned advice, every episode is a treasure trove of financial wisdom.

Secure your spot every Thursday, and don't forget to access the complementary 'Rich Life Revolution Workbook' to amplify your journey.

Unlock Your Path to True Wealth.

Dive deep into the essence of true wealth with Michelle Cooper's "Rich Life Revolution Workbook." Discover why money is merely an amplifier and not the actual issue at hand. Understand the core of your financial challenges and learn transformative insights that have shaped Michelle's million-dollar journey.

Whether you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed by financial pressures, or simply seeking clarity in the world of wealth creation, this workbook offers actionable steps and profound wisdom to guide you. Michelle’s strategies go beyond the superficial, aiming to fundamentally transform your approach to money and life.

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You made my money dreams come true!

"Working with Michelle & her team absolutely changed the money game for me as an entrepreneur. Before working with Michelle, I would spend money as fast as I made it because I didn’t have the right systems in place. If you are someone who catches yourself saying, 'I just don’t know where my money went!' you need Michelle & her team in your business! Today I went from $100,000 - $400,000 thanks to Michelle’s strategy, support, and vision."

Jackie McDonald
Jackie McDonald Enterprises

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