3 Transformational Travel Tips From New York City – Ep 43

How can a trip to NYC elevate and inform your Rich Life Revolution?

New York City is transformational. I’m serious. Maybe we grow up dreaming of a romantic fantasy land where all our business and true love dreams come true but…that’s kind of exactly how it is!

In this episode, I share my experience of New York City in three different seasons and the Rich Life takeaways that came out of those adventures.

1. Kick your butt out of your comfort zone

When I went to New York in the fall as a wee 20-something, I went with a friend who did an awesome job of showing me the ropes. He had me doing all the “true New Yorker” stuff, like taking the subway, hopping on buses, wandering the fascinating streets, and seeing shows.

When you’re traveling in a different place, take every opportunity to try something that makes you uncomfortable. I mean, don’t put yourself in danger, but a lot of the things people will tell you are dangerous (like taking the subway in NYC) are just things that are out of their comfort zone. Get out there and see the things!

2. Make time for your friends

“I’ll be there for you.” Perhaps one of the most iconic NYC TV show phrases of all time and an excellent theme for this tip. When I went to New York with a girlfriend one summer, we had the most amazing time. We had our tarot cards read, we ate incredible Colombian food, and we spent way too much time and money in Macy’s.

As adults, we all have a lot going on. We have business babies, human babies, fur babies, partners, and loads of other responsibilities. But our relationships with our friends are really, really important, and it is so worth it to be intentional, make time, and commit to planning get-togethers with the important people in your life.

3. Let your phone eavesdrop on your plans

This might seem like a weird Big Brother statement, but I’m mostly serious! My Christmastime trip to NYC got off to a rocky start, but in the end, we did all the Christmas in New York things—the Rockettes, ice skating, checking out the 5th Avenue window displays, riding a horse-drawn carriage.

Do you know where some of those ideas came from? I swear we were just discussing what we might want to see within earshot of our phones, and the next thing we knew, our Instagram feeds were packed with ideas. So, maybe the robot overlords will take over one day, but until then, I’m happy to let them be my travel agents.

My trips to New York City (and so many other adventures) have prompted huge transformations in my life. There’s just something about being the small-town girl hitting the big city—sometimes on her own—that really shows you who you are and what you’re made of. I get into all this in a lot more depth in this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, so check it out!

Maybe my biggest takeaway? Smile and connect. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that come up when you smile at someone and genuinely engage with them. All it takes is asking.

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