Hey, Rock Star

I’m not your average accountant- in fact, I’m not your average anything! I’m a no-holds-barred financial powerhouse with a passion for seeing others succeed. I currently run an established accounting firm just outside of Vancouver, but I’ve spent my life working in corporate finance around the globe. From Central London to Indonesia and all the way back to the West Coast of Canada, I’ve helped hundreds of hardworking entrepreneurs get out of their own way and achieve abundance.

So, what can I do for you exactly?

Let Me Tell You A Little Story…

Once upon a time, I was a white-collar worker with a simple goal: Help my clients scale their businesses, achieve sustainable growth, and make more money. This isn’t a complicated concept for a numbers person, it’s just an equation. My business-minded clients took my strategies and saw incredible growth in their businesses and their personal wealth.

But my other clients… my creative clients… no matter how many strategies we tried, they would block themselves from achieving success. I realized that there had to be more to this than numbers. I realized that this story was a lot more complicated than accounts payable and receivable.

At the same time, I was learning about the role of mindset in my own life.

In an effort to improve my performance in the roller derby rink, I had begun to tap into the power of visualization and mindset work. After seeing astronomical results, I wondered: Could this apply to money management?

It turns out the answer is a big fat YES.

I began to implement visualization, meditation, journalling, and mindfulness into my own money management. I realized I was carrying beliefs and behaviours when it came to money that were the opposite of what I taught my clients- and as I continued down the path of mindset work, these things began to change.

Before I knew it, I had quadrupled my monthly income.

Yes, quadrupled. Times four. Five figure months, consistently.

I started to implement these practices with my creative clients, with rave results. Business owners who previously couldn’t even look at their bank balances became in tune with their finances and able to bring in more and more profit. Right-brained creatives with no idea what a payable or a receivable even were, started to scale their businesses with massive success.

Mindset is the foundation of my business and the core of what I teach- and I’m truly passionate about sharing my methods with you.