Authenticity, Doing Good, and Doing Well: Three Principles for Success – Ep 9

How can you make your relationship with money more authentic?

Our rich life revolutions are so unique to each of us, but seeking out and soaking up the teachings of other people can highlight unexpected trajectories that can take us so much further!

I had one of those inspiring a-ha moments recently while reading The Success Paradox by Gary C. Cooper. In his book, he shares three principles for success: authenticity, doing good, and doing well. This idea is so similar to the “be, do, have” model I’ve shared before, it immediately resonated with me.

A is for authenticity

Gary C. Cooper stresses figuring out what’s most important to you. Obviously, this is a big part of the whole Rich Life Revolution ethos, and I think about it a lot, but when he wrote, “What’s most important to me now is being myself”…whoof!

I totally agree! I haven’t always felt that way—like lots of people, I probably would have said “success is most important” once upon a time—but today, I really try to live authentically, and that just so happens to be the first principle Cooper covers.

Deciding on your personal brand—and your juice

I like to say that life squeezes all of us at some point, by which I mean shit gets tough—we get hit by challenges, hardships, uncomfortable situations.

At these times, what gets forced out of us is our authentic qualities. Think of an orange. When you squeeze it, does lemon juice come out? Obviously not. You might say citrus fruits really practice being their authentic selves!

If you’re living and practicing life with gratitude and compassion, then that’s what’ll squeeze out when you face uphill battles. If you’re putting on a good face, but inside, you’re full of cynicism and anger…well.

To live authentically, you need to express your real self and make sure the people in your orbit value those authentic qualities in you. If who you want to be isn’t quite who you are inside just yet, that’s OK! You’ve got something to work on and grow into.

Cross-pollinating goodness and “well”-ness

Doing good and doing well are the other two principles The Success Paradox discusses. If you can figure out a way to “cross-pollinate” these two concepts, your business—not to mention your life—is going to be so much richer for it!

Think of the saying, “money follows service and value.” Doing good—finding ways to enrich people’s lives—will help your goals of doing well—aka, making money. Likewise, if you’re doing well, you’ll have more and more opportunities to do good.
<h3>A final word on doing well</h3>
Listen up, because this is a biggie.

Stop being shy about your desire to make money! There is no shame in desiring financial abundance. Balance it with authenticity and doing good, and wham! You’re a total rich life revolution rockstar.

I gathered some awesome success-related insights for you in episode 9 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast. You should check it out!

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