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My latest publication…

Ever feel like your friends keep getting richer while you get poorer? Ever feel like as fast as you make money, it’s gone? It won’t be that way for long, because your rock star tour of abundance is about to begin! With equal parts no-nonsense advice and humor, Confessions of a Money Rock Star will take you down the path or true abundance.

You will learn how to shift your energies into a positive money-making strategy like the rock star you are! You will learn: · How your past has affected your money in the present. · Your money core values. · Why your old beliefs about money are holding you back. · And most important, how to step into a life of abundance and start living like a money rock star!



Money Date Journal

Make sure to pick up the companion journal to Confessions of a Money Rock Star. Your Money Date Journal is available in full colour or black and white on Amazon. Together these two books form a solid foundation for a money mindset makeover!

This is your Rock Star Tour of Abundance | ready to hit the road?



My passion project…

There is a story of Buddhist monks who went out into the world – across our globe in all directions. They simply meditated, to raise the vibration of the planet and passively affect change. And they did affect change. It was measurable and noticeable. It is our belief that we must meet this hatred, violence, and aggression we are seeing against our natural world with compassion, love, and high vibrational energy.

Focussing our gratitude on animals, raising our vibrational energy and putting our brains into an elevated meditative state through the simple act of coloring will create change. We ask you to see these animals, on these pages, in all their glory. Express your gratitude with color and brush strokes and share your images with the world. Post them on social media. Let’s replace every image of a trophy hunting an animal with ten images of your coloring. There will be a day when animals are not trophies, not amusements, not a game. They simply are.




Michelle helps inspired creatives let go of their financial concerns by working along side them to help bridge financial knowledge gaps (process, procedures, tax law) and apples bet brilliance to helping them create sustainable cash flow so they can drop the hustling and spend their time on the things that create wealth for their business. She also helps them take inspired action when creating sustainable business options because she removes the obstacles that surface due to overwhelm and frustration.

Michelle takes “shoe box” entrepreneurs on a journey through system & procedural development, she helps them identify their most profitable Offerings and then uplevel and situated them to optimize profit, she provides support and accountability, answers their questions so that they can gradually step into a much more powerful financial position.

I wanted (still want) to master the fuck out of my money relationship. I came to you for foundation and structure and the ease of mind that comes with knowing I am not dropping any balls. I didn’t want to be caught off guard by not planning for expansion. I want to be a million dollar business owner one day and want to know that nothing will hold me back. I may have days when I fall into old patterns of fear, but money is consistent for me except for minor setbacks here and there. I know how to make money and keep it, I want to know how to amplify it over and over again. I want to scale! This is why I work with you. I love that you keep me from falling into old shit. This year has been amazing because it the first year ever that I have slowed down enough to care about my books and my ceo mindset around financial fortitude.

I hired you because I trust you. I have no idea how to manage money in a business, and in my life, really. It was never taught to me and I know it’s a skill, not innate. I was never taught any lessons around money except fear and shame. I fucking LOVE Talking about money and that is NEW. I see patterns from my parents who are from a different generation with different goals and completely different lives and it scares the shit out of me so I want to make sure I am never like that. I am an unmarried, independent entrepreneur who wants it all so I can give it all. I have HUGE massive plans and need to know how to fund them and grow them. The things I want to do and the lifestyle I want to live require a lot of money and you understand my dreams, know I will achieve them, and don’t shit on them and you will show me how to do that by getting in bed with my books. SO bottom line, I know nothing about REAL money and as a feminine entrepreneur I want you in my corner because you get it and you’re a chick

I also wanted to let you know that business is exploding! I have 7 new websites on the go, 2 of them just starting. The 2 new big ones are both $5500-6000 projects. The phone has been ringing off the hook, it’s awesome! All the hard work last year is paying off huge and now that I know what I;m worth, rebranded and clear on my why – what a difference!

Michelle has been exactly what was missing from my business. Having her guidance and insight has opened my eyes to so many important aspects of my business that I was ignoring before. I now think about the money coming in and going out in a completely different way. I’m so grateful that I hired her when I did. She’s become a strategic partner in that she challenges me to think bigger, look closer and make more thoughtful decisions as a result. Michelle really is a money rockstar.

Those that willing to take control and responsibility for their destiny would do well to find a wise guide to help them better chart the path. I cannot recommend Michelle Cooper of Alchemy Advising & Mentoring. I have been able to avoid many of the common pitfalls that beset many business owners and grow our business to a six-figure level. Listen intently, radically act, and accept accountability and you will see your life and business grow with Michelle.

Michelle Cooper is a money rockstar! She absolutely shines when it comes to helping small business owners bust through money blocks and limiting beliefs. She super charges them to go to the next level in their company! She is your CFO and that role is so important for someone who needs help balancing profit and loss PLUS knowing what to charge and why! She’s helped me understand by numbers more in depth by making a date with them. Michelle makes money making easy, fun and exciting!



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