Business and Financial Success Truths From a Failed Manifestor – EP 1

What would it take to make your business dreams come true?

Have you been feeling stuck? Dreaming of a different kind of life? Maybe you’re in the midst of watching your business crumble or feel like making ends meet is something everyone but you has figured out.

Enter, the Rich Life Revolution podcast!

I’m Michelle Cooper, the creator of Rich Life Revolution and the voice behind the podcast. Come with me on this engaging and entertaining journey of financial understanding, insightful inspiration, and guided manifestation.

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Your partner in big changes

You can rest assured in the knowledge that I’ve “been there”. Just two years after launching a beautiful women’s boutique in 2010, I watched as the business I had poured my heart and soul into crumbled away.

Left with a fractured friendship and a whole lot of debt and self-doubt, I started listening to the advice and experiences of others—I piped podcasts and courses through my earbuds as I cleaned houses, striving to get my life back where I wanted it to be.

Separating online from IRL

From these audio sessions, I learned so much. I learned about conscious business, spirituality, the impact of mindset, and manifesting. Today, I run a successful accounting business…but sometimes I still feel like there isn’t enough money.

My Instagram followers gush about my awesome life, but I know as well as you do that life doesn’t really look like Instagram. You’ll stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle if you keep in mind that you can’t possibly know where they are in their journey—or even where you are in yours!

Standing up to impostor syndrome, together

Getting to success wasn’t an easy road; there were and still are changes that are hard to navigate, and most days I don’t feel skilled or born to succeed—honestly? I just feel lucky.

The Rich Life Revolution podcast is designed to assist and inspire you if you’re struggling like I have (and sometimes still am), to help you relax and open up to what’s possible.

Just remember: your vision board—whether physical or imaginary—isn’t real life, “it’s just a group of pictures of someday maybes”. And even when some of those someday maybes come true, you need to be ready for that process to look a lot different than you expected.

Tune in to the podcast every week to listen in on my coffee shop chats with thoughtful guests, as well as cozy solo episodes. I’m going to cover all things money-related, and I’m so excited to welcome you along on the ride. Let’s create your Rich Life Revolution!

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