Business Besties

You are a passionate business owner – passionate about your business, your ideas, your goals, your life – but maybe you’re just not seeing the success you truly desire?

Would you LOVE to earn more money but you’ve put your prices up as high as you dare?

Do you WISH you could scale up, serve more clients and make more money?

If the answer to all of these is YES then it’s time to GET FOCUSED, GET CLEAR AND GET RESULTS by joining Business Besties , a small group of kick-ass business women, who all feel your pain and are wanting to uplevel their business – just like you. My program is designed to provide REAL results, not hypothetical results, not airy fairy ideas, but REAL results for your very REAL challenges in your business! We work on your business right here, right now – with real data and real solutions.

By hitting reset, taking a look at your business with fresh eyes and perhaps a new approach, you will be able to increase your client capacity, increase your earnings and reach your goals.

Your participation in this group means:

You can use your unique skills, passion and knowledge in a different way to achieve the same results –
more money, happy clients and successful outcomes!
You can build a scalable, profitable and successful business.
You will feel confident in your pricing strategy and your clients will be happy to give you their money.
Your business will work for YOU instead of YOU working for your business.
You will keep more money in YOUR hands

Why Listen to me?


Simply, because I’ve done it. And I’ve done it with integrity, without ever feeling ‘icky’. When I decided to uplevel my business I was totally clueless about social media and technology but I had experience in other aspects of business as well as the fundamental accounting knowledge that comes from being a professional accountant.

There is immense power in a group of focussed women who are working towards a similar goal. I learned this first hand in an incredible mastermind program and bring this experience to this program. I teach what I have learned and has proven to be successful.

I have worked one-on-one with clients extensively, but the fact is, I love the energy of a group of driven women. You seriously can’t beat the amazingness that happens in that dynamic environment. So I created Business Besties – a small-group business coaching program where entrepreneurs make a six month investment and commitment to the success of their business.

I’m not saying that this will be a walk in the park – obviously you get out of it what you put in. I have worked with many clients who have worked their socks off for years, but they also wasted a lot of time on stuff that didn’t work.

I AM saying you can get the foundations in place to build, build, build! Along the way, I learned lots of things from my clients. I’ve seen lots of mistakes and wasted money. The great news is that you don’t need to make those mistakes and waste that money because I am going to share the best of what I learned along the way in… BUSINESS BESTIES!

Hear it from some happy Besties!

I've known Michelle for years, and always thought of her as a very successful business owner, so when she invited me into Business Besties I jumped at the chance! And I am so glad I did! In the last few months I have had a better look at the "behind the scened" of my business than I ever had, I am more motivated to work on improving my business and increasing my client numbers that ever, and I feel like I actually now know what I 'm doing! Being a part of Michelle's mastermind groups has linked me with other like-minded women who are now not only my friends, but my support system, my accountability partners, and so much more! My life, and the life of my business changed for the better due to Michelle!
Amy Lanteigne
Owner & Operator / Sugar'd
Michelle's mastermind group has been a huge eye opener. It made me take a closer look at my numbers too see where I’m actually making a profit (or losing money). As a business owner we do our jobs to the best of our ability and feel like we charge a fair price. With the group we can see how valuable our services are and how what we offer really benefits our clients in out of the box ways. I like being surrounded by like minded people where we can bounce ideas off of and have support at my fingertips.
I was a classic case of limiting beliefs with a heaping side of managing-my-numbers fears. No a great place when you are starting a business - I have big dreams, damn it! Enrolling in Michelle's mastermind group was one of the best investments in both me and my business I've made. I went from feeling I was only worth so much, to KNOWING that I am huge value to my clients, and pricing myself accordingly. I DOUBLED my business in one year, and I am going to do it again this year. Michelle and the group helped me see opportunities for out of the box revenue streams, that I am planning on implementing in the next few months to help bring me to the next level. If you haven't signed up for one of Michelle's mastermind groups, you should do that right now. Seriously.
Becca MacLean
Creative Director / DIVA! design

In Business Besties, we get focused, get clear and get results.

We will take a fresh look at your business and your goals and develop a strategy so that you have more money in your hands.

You’ll learn how to convert your current packages and material into profitable programmes and packages and develop new revenue streams.

You’ll learn how to read your numbers in the easiest possible way – I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to create a profitable business.

You’ll learn how to change your mind set from reactionary business owner to proactive, get it done gal who flies past her targets and you will carry those tools with you for any future challenges.

You’ll create a pricing structure to support your business.

What Do You Get?

Business Besties is a small-group business mentoring program. It is a six month investment in you and your business and a commitment to your business development. There are limited spaces available and you should only register if you really are committed to building your business at this time in your life.

We will Cover

Revenue Strategy

This is where you learn how to breakdown your existing pricing strategy, find out exactly how profitable it is and convert your clients to a profitable pricing model. You’ll learn how to scope out different pricing levels, how to avoid putting your clients off and how to avoid overwhelming them. We will look at the costs associated with your business and how that affects your margin. You’ll also learn how much to give away for free and what to charge for.

Business Financials

You will take an in-depth and analytical look at your business financials, with a keen eye towards a profitable bottom line. You will learn how to read your financial statements and what goes into making sound business decisions. You will work on monthly and quarterly targets with an analysis of target vs actual each quarter. You will develop a profit canvas for your business, which can mean the difference between simply existing and thriving.


A shift from reactionary business owner, struggling to keep you head above the water, to meet the workload as it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.
A proactive, calm, entrepreneur who is committed to their clients, flies threw targets and earns an income to live the life you want in the business you love.

Facebook Group

You’ll get exclusive access to the Business Besties Facebook group full of amazing women like you, who will be your supporters, brainstormers, and accountability partners.

Other Stuff You’ll Get

Worksheets, templates, checklists and anything else I think you need to help you learn what you need to know, as quickly and easily as possible.

So, does this sound like what you’ve been searching for?
Is it time to scale up your business and your income?
Are you ready to make the change?
It’s all there waiting for you, you just need someone who’s been there and done it to walk and talk you through it. And that’s what my Business Besties programme will do for you.
Ready to grow your business?

Business Besties with Michelle Cooper

Are you thinking this all sounds great, but I’m just not sure. Jump on the phone with me. Let’s review because you’re absolutely right, it may not be the right fit for you and I will tell you if that is the case. My success is your success and I don’t want you in this program if there is something else that is a better fit. Book a time with my now by clicking the button in the right hand corner.