Business Skills from the Rink with Roller Derby Rockstar Lucy Croysdill – Ep 14

What early lessons have you had to unlearn?

As adults, it often takes someone questioning why we’re so against an idea for us to take a step back and realize we internalized something as kids and we’ve been believing it the whole time.

Take Lucy Croysdill. She was small as a child, so the adults in her life told her not to bother with sports—she should just focus on other school aspects. It was that little nugget, planted early, that Lucy had to dig up and C-block straight out of her life when she discovered her love of roller derby.

Today, as the founder of Rolla Skate Club, Lucy is dedicated to encouraging women to incorporate the sport into their rich life revolutions, and she’s the strongest proponent of how much roller derby can teach us about life. Obviously, I’m so here for this!

From the rink to the real world: roller derby revelations

I met Lucy early on in my roller derby career and have had the immense pleasure of working with her in business too. We both have a lot of thoughts on the link between roller derby—any sport, probably—and business. Did you ever think that entrepreneurship and hip-checking targets on a concrete track in fishnet tights could have so much in common?

Because roller derby is run mostly by volunteers, we were both thrust into leadership positions unexpectedly (or even forcibly, sometimes). You can back away waving your hands, or close your door in the face of those challenges, but if you see them instead as opportunities and dive in, you learn that leadership is something you can learn—it doesn’t have to be innate.

Roller derby also demands that you accept a universal truth: you can do hard things. Imagine if you didn’t question every big dream you had and instead woke up knowing, “Hell yeah! I can totally start that business/bring in that new product/run that workshop/do whatever I want!” Life. Changing.

Playing the entrepreneurial game

Another derby/business crossover Lucy and I wholeheartedly agree on is the vital role of mindset. If you’re willing to see the positive, to see how you can turn a negative into a win, you’re halfway there already.

Whether it’s Lucy agreeing to be the president of a whole damn club, or me begrudgingly agreeing to teach rollerskating to kids (a few of whom went on to play for Team Canada—like, what!?), or identifying a missing facet and building a business to fill that gap, throwing away “I’m not sure” and replacing it with “sure, I can!” really does make all the difference, on the track and in the office.

If this pep talk’s got you revved up to take that business step you’ve been questioning or sign up for roller derby, you’ve got to listen to my whole conversation with Lucy on the Rich Life Revolution podcast. She’s a treasure trove of inspiration and an absolute gem of a human.

Let’s go, strap on those skates (metaphorically speaking…or literally!).

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