Capitalize on the Rules of the Subconscious Mind – Ep 19

How well do you know your subconscious mind, really?

I’d like to introduce you to someone. You’ve been aware of their existence for a while now, and they’ve been seven for, like, ever. If you’ve ever met another 7-year-old, you know this means they are endlessly curious, have a huge capacity to learn, and respond best to positive incentives.

I’m talking about the subconscious mind, of course. There is so much to know about this facet of the internal self, and dealing with what’s holed up in there can have major benefits for manifestation and the pursuit of our rich lives. Let’s dig into the specifics!

Lives in the now

Your subconscious mind lives in the now. That’s why you worry about past mistakes or future potentials as intensely as you do about things happening right this minute.

How do you hack this? Well, for starters, remember to word your intentions in the present tense. Help your subconscious mind seize on what really matters right now (Tell yourself, “I run a successful business”, “I reach the goals I set”).

Obedient and eager to learn

Your average 7-year-old might not have much of a grasp on the future or consequences, but most of them do as they’re told most of the time, especially when it could lead to new discoveries!

Your subconscious mind does whatever your conscious mind suggests. Just like your favourite second-grader, repeating concepts and instructions with emotion and sincerity goes a long way because your subconscious mind also operates in symbols and metaphors. This is why you feel a strong connection to stories other people tell, even though you weren’t there. More than the words themselves, you’re connecting to the shared emotions.

Prioritizes safety first

Ok, maybe this isn’t every 7-year-old you know, but think of those cute, cautious ones who warn their older siblings and mother the younger ones. Your subconscious mind is one of those kids. It literally exists to keep you safe, so it’s always going to err on the side of whatever seems the least risk.

That’s the problem with opposing beliefs, which your subconscious mind simply cannot abide. If you want to make more money but some deep-rooted part of you thinks you’ll lose all your friends if you do, your subconscious is going to opt to keep your friends. We need our thoughts and beliefs to be aligned in order for our manifestations to take hold.

Understands in a particular way

To get through to your subconscious mind, you have to communicate in a specific way. First of all, avoid negatives. What happens when someone tells you not to think about a purple octopus? Exactly. Word those present-tense intentions positively! Say, “I am going to succeed at this goal” instead of “I am not going to fail at this goal!”

This is just a little preview of what’s going on in there—believe me when I say there is so much more to know!

On the most recent episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, I go through nineteen rules. Just imagine: once you learn them, you can start devising effective ways to get your subconscious in perfect alignment with everything you desire for your rich life!

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