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Lean Into the Alchemy of Abundance

Dive into everything related to money and personal finance with your host, Michelle Cooper, as she gets real about financial matters, offering practical tips and strategies to improve financial well-being and achieve greater wealth. Michelle's mission is to provide valuable insights, inspiration, and actionable advice to enable you to create your own rich life revolution.

Rich Life Revolution welcomes cool and inspiring guests who have compelling stories to share about their financial journeys. Each episode is designed to be workshop-esque, ensuring that you take away actionable steps and tangible advice to implement in your life.

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Each week you’ll hear either a guest interview or a solo episode. You’ll be inspired by engaging discussions with interesting and successful individuals or to learn directly from Michelle as she shares her expertise and provide guidance to help navigate your revolutionary wealth journey.

Expect to hear from successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who have achieved significant milestones in their financial lives. These stories aim to motivate and educate while showcasing different paths to financial success. At the end of each episode, Michelle encourages you to apply at least one key takeaway or "gold nugget" to help move your wealth forward.

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Plus, you’re invited to access the "Rich Life Revolution Workbook," a free resource designed to help set the foundation for your journey to the next level of wealth. Grab the workbook and tune in every Thursday for the Rich Life Revolution.

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Podcast Episodes

Rich Life Revolution Episode 4 with Caitlin Doemner

Take Your Passions on the Road: Making Remote Work Work with Caitlin Doemner – EP 4

September 28, 2023

Where in the world will your rich life take you? Caitlin Doemner and her family have played the “workcation” game for years now, and she’s living proof that prioritizing travel, while life-changing and on-the-surface glamorous, is also a tricky practice in work/life balance, self-discovery, and going with the flow. Caitlin Doemner: world traveler, author, business…

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Rich Life Revolution Episode 2 with guest Tiffany Yelverton

Seizing Your Sexual Power with Tiffany Yelverton – EP 2

September 14, 2023

When was the last time you asked for what you wanted? Most women have felt awkward talking about money or equality in the workplace. In much the same way, our upbringings and society’s conditioning have led many women to fear or avoid talking openly about sex. Tiffany Yelverton is a sex coach who teaches women…

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