You’re killing it in your game, but your business is a mess. You don’t have the funds for an in-house department, but you’re growing too fast to keep up.


You’re not alone, Rock Star. And you sure as hell don’t have to figure it out yourself!

As your outsourced Chief Financial Officer, I will work directly by your side. We will improve your company’s financial foundation and create a strategic plan to build the financial resources the company needs to capitalize on growth opportunities.

I will chart your budgets, manage your financial operations and provide in depth analysis to support your growth strategy. This will help you deal with present circumstances and plan for the future, whatever it may hold.


  1. Clarity – accurate and organized records management that provide us with the information we need to make proactive decisions in our business to support more money in our hands.
  2. Analysis – revenue stream and pricing analysis – these two tracks of business can either sink your ship or lift you higher than you ever thought possible.
  3. Shifting – what’s going on in your mind regarding business and money. Let’s shift away from those upper limits and into abundance and freedom. These are the hidden stories that you may not even realize are holding you back.
  4. Connection – personal accountability and your circle – both play a role in your success