Discover How To Give Yourself Space To Create the Life You Want with Marie-Elizabeth Mali – Ep 26

How do you prepare yourself for life’s transitions?

Unlike our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, today many of us realize 5, or 15, or 25 years into our first career that it isn’t fulfilling us anymore—or maybe it never was.

My guest on the podcast this week, my friend Marie-Elizabeth Mali—a speaker, coach, consultant, and host of the PassionBody Passage podcast—is familiar with her deeper self and the Universe, alerting her that it’s time for a change. Her journey has always taken her within the realm of helping others, but this calling has manifested in different ways throughout the past 30 years.

Today, Marie-Elizabeth helps other women at the mid-point of their lives better come to terms with and manifest what they really want. “It’s a scary thing to shake up what you know how to do,” she acknowledges, and her Passion Body community supports women along the way.

Recognize what isn’t working

Sometimes the hardest part is identifying exactly what it is in your life that isn’t serving you anymore. If you have lots on the go, or you’re questioning something you have always done, plucking the particular strings that are pulling taut and restraining your richest life from taking off can feel like an impossible first step.

Marie-Elizabeth points out that while it’s easy to paint that gut-deep discontent with a negative brush, it’s actually an invitation to slow down and listen, to observe and give whatever is trying to surface permission to do so.
Release who you were to make room for who you want to be

How do you define yourself?

A lot of us, myself definitely included, have spent much of our lives adhering blindly to one facet that is meant to be transient or just a part of us. Mom, Wife, Corporate Executive—whatever the label we relate to, if it ends, we are suddenly thrust out of the warm nest of familiarity and have to scramble to redefine ourselves. The pressure to do that, and the new discomfort of feeling adrift, can lead us to rush into our half-baked concept of who we want to be.

But we need to allow for space to make this discovery, too. The path to your rich life or, to use Marie-Elizabeth’s terminology, the activation of your PassionBody, requires a lot of time thinking and asking a bunch of heavy questions. It takes the time it takes, though, and letting your transition become fully realized before you dive in can make all the difference.

Prepare yourself to graciously receive what’s coming

One quality that Marie-Elizabeth has seen flourish in herself, and that she offers up as a template for her clients, is her skill at being a gracious receiver.

Gracious receiving is the concept of deeply appreciating what you are given, be it from a loved one, a stranger, or the Universe itself. It’s trickier than it sounds, especially for those of us who have spent so much of our lives thinking we don’t deserve the good that comes to us. But if we can start being genuinely thankful instead of arguing against gifts that come our way, Marie-Elizabeth says, “A beautiful cycle is opened up. When we allow ourselves to receive and not always be in the driver’s seat, we realize there is something bigger supporting us.”

Are you motivated to manifest some transitions and be receptive to what the Universe is bestowing upon you? You won’t want to miss this episode, where Marie-Elizabeth and I burrow deep into ourselves to share our stories of fear, change, and growth. This is a beautiful one!

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