Evolve to Align Your Head, Your Heart, and Your Higher Purpose with Yanik Silver – Ep 12

How do you define business “success”?

Most of us want to do good while we’re here on Earth, but hustle culture and the price of bread can shift our focus, especially when we’re starting our own businesses and just trying to stay afloat.

This scarcity mentality is totally understandable, but the problem is that we get stuck on this exclusive money-making track. For lots of us, this eventually leads to dissatisfaction in our careers, even when, by most measures, we’ve “made it”.

Yanik Silver, the founder of Maverick1000 and the author of Evolved Enterprise, calls the lack he felt, despite his dictionary-definition success, his “cosmic alarm clock”. This celestial warning beacon kicked off his current venture, and thank goodness it did!

What if we played the business game another way?

Evolved Enterprise has an impressive goal: “to change the way business is played”. To hugely oversimplify his inspiring process, Yanik shows entrepreneurs how to support causes and keep making money.

This program has inspired me and the way I do business, and I strongly suggest checking it out, but you can start putting the three layers of Yanik’s framework into practice right now.

First, take a step inside

“The Evolved Enterprise framework starts with you.”

Taking a deep dive into your psyche to strip away all the expectations, pressures, and pretense is no small task. But the only way we can make our businesses work with us and for us is by figuring out who we are and what we care about.

Next, uncover your cause

Once you know who you are (easy, right? 😂), it’s time to layer on the why. What’s the cause you’re fighting for? My own soul-searching revealed that mine centres around protecting marine life, and that’s really helped focus Alchemy’s philanthropic pursuits!

Basically, ask yourself, “What is the wrong I want to right in the world?”

Then, incorporate the three C’s: community, creation, and culture

The community you’re building is everyone involved in your business, and, wow, it’s wild to see how far that reach extends. Your staff, your clients, your suppliers and partners…passion is catching!

Creation is the product or service that has your positive impact baked in. Figuring out the best strategy for this doesn’t happen overnight (Yanik has some awesome tips on the podcast); the most sustainable, potent solution will be unique to your situation.

Culture is what comes of combining your community and your creation: the impacts that reverberate down the line, offering opportunities to the causes you support and inspiring everyone who comes into contact with your business, from the random person who sees your ad to the new clients who flock to you because you’re talking about something that resonates with them.

All this barely scrapes the surface of what Yanik gets into with me on the Rich Life Revolution podcast. Both motivational and manageable, his advice is just what you need to explore how your business could align more closely with your plan for a richer life!

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