Experience the Wonder of Transformative Travel – Ep 37

How could travel change your life?

Some of us are lucky enough to be born into travel.

My parents had me more than a dozen years after my brothers when they were in the more financially stable position of older adults. As a result, the nearby camping trips of my older siblings were, for me, replaced with more “exotic” adventures to Europe, Hawaii, Disneyland, and the like.

These early experiences instilled a deep love of travel and a recognition and respect for the huge effect it can have on a person. In my 20s, I worked for a travel company and eventually ran away to London. My six-month sojourn turned into ten years and thousands of miles crisscrossing the globe. Every one of those experiences was transformative for me, even if I didn’t fully realize it at the time.

I still travel whenever I get the chance, and at every opportunity, I prioritize trips that feed more than my tan. Of course, a sunny vacay stay at an all-inclusive Mexican resort is a wonderful getaway, but I classify “transformative travel” as something that goes beyond traditional tourism. It’s what I like to call the quantum leap experience in the evolution of your life, and I have some gold nuggets on how to make the most of it.

Go deeper than the all-inclusive.

There’s no question that a hot holiday at a resort is restful and restorative. But when we’re shooting for a truly transformative trip, my years of experience have shown me that I need to curate adventures for myself that go even further, into personal growth and self-discovery that coax positive changes in my life.

This isn’t my idea alone. The concept of transformative travel is rooted in the belief that immersive travel has incredible potential to transform people through exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and environments. That brings me to my second tip.

Cultivate mindfulness around the world.

I think we’re all past the point of believing that staring at our phones all day or seeing the world only through the lens of our phone camera leads to positive outcomes.

Transformative travel calls on you to put away your phones and maybe even your day planner and be fully present in the moment. When you pay close attention to your immediate surroundings and the emotions they bring up in you, you’re living mindfully, and that’s how you open the doors to true insight and growth.

Immerse yourself in cultural experiences.

Experiencing a culture foreign to you can quite literally change your life. There are countless examples of this in the writing and podcasts of thousands of travellers, and I’ve shared some of my own examples as well.

Rather than just observing your travel destination from the window of a bus (though bus tours are a fantastic way to learn more) or the balcony of your gated resort, challenge yourself to seek out opportunities that call your perspectives into question and force you to confront your preconceived notions. We all have them, however open-minded we may be.

When you look deeper at what you think you believe, you discover incredible things about yourself—the good and the worth-working-on. Whether you dive into fresh physical experiences (like horseback riding on a ranch or skydiving in Switzerland) or take a more intellectual bent with a unique culture’s cooking class or language, you pave the way for personal connections and all the wonders of a new relationship.

Plan your own transformative adventure.

As a great place to start, I always recommend yoga retreats when you’re first bit by the transformative travel bug. The planned trips offered by coaches and teachers you respect also offer wonderful opportunities.

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