Explore Your Feminine Energy on Easter Island – Ep 45

What would happen if you could unlock your sacred feminine energy?

A few years back, I made the decision to start traveling to amazing places a bit off the beaten path, to see things I’d never seen before—the kinds most of us only ever glimpse on the National Geographic channel. On today’s episode, I take you on a journey across the South Pacific Ocean to one of these places: Easter Island!

This island six hours off the coast of Santiago, Chile, is home to more than 1000 huge stone heads, the moai. They are amazing to see in real life, but my awe in this place didn’t stop at the sculptures.

Embracing and unleashing your energy

On this trip, I had myself a little mini-adventure before the big one began. With several hours to kill at the Dallas–Fort Worth Airport between flights, my friend Artie and I settled down at a Mexican restaurant for some drinks and snacks.

I was sharing with her the ideas of the great Regina Thomashauer, aka Mama Gina, who advocates for putting forth your energy to attract the right people into your life. I decided to give one of her exercises a go right then and there: I projected my energy toward a cute guy across the bar. Well, he didn’t turn around, but Artie immediately informed me that the guy at the table next to me had. Long story short, this guy and I started chatting; we got so immersed that he almost missed his flight, and we exchanged numbers before parting ways.

Cute, right? Don’t worry—I’ll circle back.

Dancing to shake loose your feminine power

I’ll be real with you, ladies: it is nine hours from Dallas to Santiago, Chile. I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t realize how far it was before I headed off on this trip because that is a doozy of a plane ride. But believe me: it’s worth it. After a few days in bright, exciting Santiago, we hopped on our flight to Easter Island.

As you’ve already guessed, I was absolutely blown away by this place. The land is beautiful, with sacred energy just radiating out of it. The people—a mix of Indonesian culture with Spanish and Polynesian influences—are absolutely amazing. I spent a lot of time sitting on the grass just soaking in the splendor, interspersed with tearing around on an ATV. (Don’t let anyone tell you differently: this is the best way to get around Easter Island.)

We also attended a dance theatre event. As we sat there watching these women move their bodies so expertly in this awe-inspiring hula-esque dance, I was struck by the way they could channel the sacred, divine feminine energy that I had been feeling radiating up from the land the whole time. This is where the idea for what I’ll share next started to come to me.

I’m going back—who’s with me?

I believe we all hold this energy within ourselves but, for a lot of women in North America, it’s trapped. We need an experience like the one I had on Easter Island, and we can only get into it in the deepest way by experiencing it on authentic, sacred soil.

This trip unlocked my own divine feminine flow in a way I’ve never felt before. My confidence has evolved, and one great example of this is the fun, flirty, casual texting relationship I’ve since struck up with the guy from the airport bar (I told you I’d circle back). Who knows where, if anywhere, this is going, but we all need some fun flirtiness in our lives, whatever our age, circumstances, or rich life revolutionary dreams.

That’s why I’m answering this calling from the universe by planning a 2025 trip back to Easter Island with a handful of amazing women—including you! We’re going to learn the history of these dances from the source and start moving our bodies to shake free that stagnant energy we all hold within.

Oh, and tear around the island on ATVs, obviously.

Check out this episode to hear even more about my adventures on Easter Island and really get yourself amped about these future Rich Life Experiences. I can’t wait to share my favourite places with other incredible women as we support one another in building our rich life revolutions.

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