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Michelle and her team love to create financial strategies to bring you more money and more freedom!

Thank you Michelle to continue to motivate people! You were there when it all started for me. You saw something in this local creative and pushed me to always try for bigger and better! Started making small hair flower for your shop and now to designing gowns for the runway. I have 2 amazing fashion shows this month one in Chilliwack and one in Vancouver. Thank you, you are one of the reasons I am here now. Keep up the good work Michelle Cooper!!
Siobhan D
Owner and Designer / Shiverz
I'm not sure what I appreciate more about working with Michelle... The accountability, the encouragement, or everything that I learn! I'm so glad to finally be learning and understanding the financials of my business. I'm glad also for the goal setting. Michelle helps me understand my worth and pushes me to attain much more than I think I can. I feel much more confident about my business and where I am going! It's exciting!
Julie Kerr
CEO / Illuminate Cleaning

We’re not going to tell you what you SHOULD do to make more money, or something that you COULD do to make more money. We’re going to show you how to make more money. Simple – because none of us have time for SHOULDs and COULDs.

“You can’t give yourself a good haircut.”

One of Michelle’s mentors told her that in the beginning days of her career and she really didn’t understand it, but now she preaches it. To us, it means, if it’s a task or role outside of your zone of genius – hire someone to work with you or for you. Having a knowledgeable, strategic financial person in your pocket is like having a secret weapon and we’re so grateful to say that many of our client’s refer to us with those words.


And of course, we don’t like being put in a box and we don’t want to try to fit into some corporate picture of who we should be – and we don’t think you should either.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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