How To Get The “Pro” Out Of Your Professional Development: Tips From Nikki Rausch – Ep 8

How much effort do you put into your professional opportunities?

Making the most of any professional development program or workshop means watching for the useful bits and putting effort into every interaction.

Nikki Rausch, a business coach, entrepreneur, and the author of The Selling Staircase, has a fresh take on this. She’s a big believer in the idea that, even if a particular program doesn’t quite deliver on its offering, you can always take away value—you just need to be open to it!

Tip #1: There’s always some value, so find it

There are countless professional development opportunities out there delivering amazing bang for your buck, but if you ever end up roped into one that doesn’t, don’t just stop going!

Instead, Nikki suggests, turn your focus from the course providings to the other people taking the course with you. Chances are, amazing business connections or even future clients are in that group of eager professionals!

Tip #2: Get okay with being the small fish in the big pond

Sure, it can be a great ego boost to be the one who has all the answers in a group of savvy folks. But unless you’re the one offering the course, being the most successful person in the circle means you’re in the wrong circle.

Nikki was once told she should “always want to be the dumb, poor one in the room,” and she’s taken that to heart—you won’t learn anything if you only sit at tables where you know you’ll be top dog.

Tip #3: The benefits are often worth the buy-in

Assuming you did your research, spending good money on a program or membership might be the quickest, most direct track to sharing oxygen with big wigs who can open big doors.

Honestly, if I hadn’t dropped some serious moola on a course I enrolled in recently, I would never have found myself on a first-name basis with Richard Branson (I know…🤯). This tip gets the Michelle Stamp of Approval, for sure.

Tip #4: Be willing to put in the work

There’s no magic pill—sorry! It’d be awesome if paying for a program meant instant osmosis of all the stuff they had to teach you and an immediate ROI, but…that’s not gonna happen.

If you sign up, do the dang work! Finish the assignments, come to the meetings, engage in the networking opportunities. Be just as open to giving (your two cents when asked) as you are to receiving (the hard-won knowledge of the others).

What’s the next course or program you’ve got scheduled? I’d love to hear which of Nikki’s tips resonates with you most and how you’ll implement them in your next business opportunity!

If Nikki’s insights spoke right to your soul—they definitely did to mine—you’ll love my full interview with her on the podcast. We cover all of this, along with figuring out how to make both the personal and professional sides of your life just as rich and revolutionary as possible.

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