Inviting Intuition: Balancing Your Head, Heart, and Gut with Jennifer Young – Ep 16

When intuition strikes, how do you respond?

Gut feelings can be scary. Sometimes, the life changes they suggest are equal parts overwhelming and unbelievably exciting, and it’s hard to fight the urge to either run screaming in the other direction or dive in 100% immediately!

If you can relate, you need someone like Jennifer Young; I’m lucky enough to have the OG in my world, but not to worry—she has lots of wisdom to go around. The intuitive business coach, author, and Alchemy Accounting’s insightful and talented Head of People and Culture is a pro at all things Intuitive Journey. She’s overflowing with encouragement and truly actionable tips to get you on the intuition-first path.

Lead with your gut, but don’t ignore the rest

So, you’re ready. You’re listening to your intuition. Whatever your gut says, goes, right?

Well…more or less. But hold up a minute. Your gut, your heart, and your head all have something to say about your decisions, and while Jennifer doesn’t suggest giving them equal weight, they are all important.

Let’s say your gut tells you you need to become an airline pilot. Your heart might start thinking about all the time you’ll have to spend away from your family—which is definitely something you’ll need to consider—and your head will start muttering about the cost and time requirements of the education.

Both your head and your heart have good points, points that you should factor into your decision. But they are also points that could make it really easy to ignore your gut. Jennifer encourages us to pay attention to what the emotional heart and the practical head have to say, but use that input to support your intuitive idea, not supply you with a handy excuse.

Fight the intuition FOMO

Sometimes, too, that initial intuitive idea is just the spark that starts the new direction. “Embark on a new career” is a pretty hefty intuitive nudge, but just because you get it, you don’t have to shutter your company or quit your job right now. Maybe you take some night classes or build up a side hustle, first.

And hey, if sitting with your intuition doesn’t reduce the fear, or you just can’t figure out how to make it work right now…that’s ok too. Your intuition isn’t like a Boxing Day sale—you don’t have to “act now!!” This isn’t your “last chance!!” If you pass on that idea this time, rest assured it’ll back around.

The path to intuitive personal leadership

Jennifer isn’t just a friend and our people and culture master. She’s also the proud author of a new book: Say Yes To Your Yes: How to Trust Your Gut and Take the Leap in Business and in Life.

Listening to your intuition has huge benefits for our personal lives, but it can also be a game-changer for your business. Combining her experience in yoga therapy—where she learned a ton about the anatomical side of intuition—and her entrepreneurial acumen, the book helps lead people toward intuitive personal leadership.

If this post has you pressing your hands to your stomach, eagerly awaiting a new gut feeling, you need to check out this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast. We talk about a whole lot more than I’ve touched on here. You’ll be giving your intuition the attention it deserves after you listen to Jennifer’s awesome advice.

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