It’s Never Too Late To Enrich Your Life – Ep 7

Why do you think it’s “too late” for your revolution?

What dream of yours feels like it’s passed you by?

Take a second and think about this one. We’ve all heard that it’s never too late, but how deeply do you believe it? Even if you know, on the surface of your sneaky brain, that you can always manifest your deepest desires, does that doubt still creep up on you?

Whether it’s starting a business, seeing the world, or changing our fitness habits, most of us have written a goal off with “it’s too late” at some point.

You can accomplish great things at any age

If I feel those thoughts rolling in, I remind myself that I have a whole list of accomplishments that would have been derailed if I’d let “it’s too late” win out.

For example, I was 39 when I started competitive roller derby. Thirty-nine! I was 41 when I launched Alchemy Accounting and Bookkeeping, and 52 when that business made its first million.

Imagine how different my life would look if “it’s too late” thoughts had clung on in my late 30s, or even earlier. At any given point in our lives, so many of us are questioning our current circumstances and craving something better.

Manifesting around the money conundrum

It’s not surprising that money is one of the biggest stressors making us feel like the time or opportunity for a specific goal has passed. If we don’t fall into the “it’s too late” trap, we can instead put off our dreams indefinitely with the ever-popular “when I have more money, then I’ll do blank.”

But this is where one of my favourite concepts—the Be, Do, Have model—comes into play. Instead of living by this “Have, Do, Be” mindset, where you wait til you have some arbitrary achievement to do what you need to do to become who you want to be, what if you strive to become who you want to be and watch that dedication and hard work bring you what you want to have?

If you want to be a glamorous business superstar, start acting like it! You’ll uncover new opportunities, and the funds will follow.

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