Lean Into the Laws of the Universe to Enhance Your Manifestation – Ep 21

How are you manifesting your richest life?

There’s an idea floating around that manifestation is just sitting back in your armchair, zenning out, and daydreaming about what you desire. If you’ve been following along on this blog or the Rich Life Revolution podcast for a while, you already know that’s definitely not how I see it. Manifestation takes work, it takes dedication to understanding how the universe works and how you work!

We’ve explored the you of this a few times, so now let’s take a look at the you-niverse 😉. These laws (the universe, the source, your higher self—whatever you choose to name this power) are set; they’re unalterable, and knowing this can guide your decisions. Think of it this way: you don’t jump off a fence thinking you’ll float down to the ground because you understand gravity. Similarly, if you comprehend the laws of the universe, you can work within their limitations and liberations to create your best life.

There are a lot of laws, so, in the interest of reading time, I’ve collected some of them into categories. Make sure you check out the full podcast episode to get the full scoop!

Laws of connection

Let’s dig in with the law of divine oneness, which highlights that we’re all connected—we all come from the same place, regardless of our location and circumstances. This means we’re also powerfully connected to the universe.

The law of relativity teaches us that we all have lessons to work through, and perspective on those very circumstances is essential to understanding one another. Similarly, the law of polarity states that we can’t fully experience joy if we haven’t experienced pain or sorrow (that’s just one example of these dualities).

All this points back to the connections we build in our lives. We need to understand and respect that everyone has vastly different experiences, but we also need to nurture the connections that serve our own purpose and cut free—without judgment—the ones that don’t.

Laws of choice

Many of the universal laws relate to choice, which makes sense since our ability to choose is one of the tenets of our humanity! Take the law of free will, for instance, which is simply this: you always have a choice.

Then, there’s the law of infinite possibilities. Within your right to choose are an unending number of possibilities. In other words, if there’s a destination you want to reach, you can get there. You just need to find the path that matches up with your purpose. That, by the way, is the law of dharma, which states that we all have a unique ability and purpose—finding yours is key to living your richest life!

But, like I mentioned at the start, just sitting around isn’t going to make your desires and choices come to life. The law of inspired action reminds us that physical action is required to bring something into existence! This isn’t about slogging through a crappy job or hustle culture, though, it’s about identifying what inspires you and acting on that!

Laws of exchange

Another common thread throughout these guidelines is that we need to give to receive. This is literally the law of reciprocity, which notes that we will always be compensated for what we give with an open heart, even if it’s not the exact same method of payment! The law of divine compensation also confirms that we will be rewarded if we show up as our highest selves.

The law of karma—which most of us are familiar with—takes this concept a bit further. Compensation comes for all our actions, even the ones that maybe aren’t so righteous! Put out into the universe what you want to give back (it’s the golden rule, basically!).

I hope all these laws are inspiring you to take action and start building your richest life. There are so many more to cover and so many other lessons they can teach us, so be sure to check out the episode for the full scoop!

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