Lessons From Kenya: A Story of Transformative Travel – Ep 39

What might adventure travel reveal about you?

Recently, the Rich Life Revolution podcast explored the transformative potential of travel in general. In this episode, let’s take our topic one step further and dig into my recent trip to Kenya. This unmatched experience affirmed my passion for big adventures and quite literally changed my life.

Seeing past the “signs”

Anyone who knows me knows that I can create a sign from the universe out of just about anything. So, when I developed travel anxiety—very unlike me—on my trip to Kenya, I was quick to attribute all kinds of spiritual significance to it. Things were tedious in my business, my kids needed me…it wasn’t hard to formulate a whole list of reasons for the realization the universe was clearly trying to impart.

What I failed to take into account until my wise-beyond-her-years daughter raised the possibility, was that my malaria medication was a very practical, scientific cause for how I was feeling. In my rush to give my unexpected anxiety a bigger meaning, I had completely forgotten that this treatment has known mental health-related side effects and that, in fact, I had previously been advised against taking it when I was on anti-depressants. Sure enough, stopping the pills returned me to my usual enthusiastic, outgoing self.

Do I recommend ignoring potential signs from the universe? Absolutely not! But it’s always important to think through all the possible causes of your discomfort before jumping to conclusions.

And I don’t regret that pill-prompted airplane spiral, as awful as it was for me and my poor seatmate. Because I came up for air from that fog of fear into the stunning wilderness of Kenya.

The transformation of new experiences

I had no choice but to leave behind business and family concerns on this trip—there’s not much cell service in rural Kenya!

While this could have been a source of a lot of stress, instead, my love of travel took over and I made some pretty incredible discoveries as I spotted lion cubs, and giraffes, and elephants, as I rode in a hot air balloon and dined on 5-star breakfasts on game reserves.

Kenya—the fantastic folks I traveled there with, the outstanding food, and the incredible local people—opened my eyes to a very real value in myself and what I am capable of bringing to relationships.

In recent years, I’ve been extremely focused on building friendships and business connections and very much put romantic potential aside. In Kenya, someone showed me that I can still be attractive to a man. I learned that I’m not a headache, I’m not “too much”; I’m wonderful and desirable exactly as I am.

As a result, a part of me I have completely written off was unlocked. I didn’t find my soulmate, but neither was I looking for him! Kenya got me interested in dating again. It got me excited to go for drinks, and go dancing, and revisit so many possibilities that got lost in the day-to-day slog. I know I’m not alone in this—so many of us get trapped in our “normal” lives, and it’s only by stepping outside our comfort zone that we can regain that beautiful fascination.

In Kenya, I realized that I had been scared of being vulnerable, of rejection and betrayal, but you know what? I’m still here, I’m good, and you can bet I’ll be going on more life-changing trips.

Who knows—maybe I’ll even meet my soulmate out there.

Check out this episode to get all the deets on my almost-disastrous journey to Kenya and the incredible experience I had once I was there. If you’ve ever dreamt about a big travel adventure, let this be your sign from the universe to book your first trip. You could even travel with me—Rich Life Revolution curated travel experiences are coming soon!

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