Master Manifestation to Become Consciously Rich with Susanne Goldstein – Ep 18

How would your life change if you became a master manifestor?

Becoming a master manifestor takes more than just wishing on a star. Susanne Goldstein knows from experience that when your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are aligned, things will happen (and keep on happening) for you.

Susanne has worn many stylish hats, from mechanical engineer to successful Hollywood producer and filmmaker to transformation and success coach and social entrepreneur. Whenever a current iteration no longer serves her, Susanne sets out to “upgrade her self-like software” and master a specific part of herself; in doing so, she ushers in new chapters that move her life journey forward.

It was so fun and enlightening to chat with Susanne about all things manifesting and life-enriching. Let’s dig into some takeaways!

The “trick” to becoming a master manifestor

Susanne has proven over and over that putting good vibes out into the universe—while a great thing to do and a very good start—isn’t the only step to manifesting your desires. On the podcast, she shares the story of landing a job at the National Theatre in London at the fresh age of 22. Sure, she had big wishes, but she also came prepared, kept at it even when the payoff wasn’t immediate, and had the skills to win that role. That’s the trick.

In retrospect, that first successful manifestation taught Susanne that even when you’re kind of a mess emotionally (like so many of us are, especially when we’re young and still figuring stuff out), you can still guide your desires into reality. As she puts it, her spiritual being had it all together, it was just her human brain side that had to catch up.

The many facets of the consciously rich

If you’ve been following Rich Life Revolution for a while, you already know that when I say “rich”, I don’t exclusively mean lots of money in the bank. Obviously, there are benefits to building your financial wealth, but Susanne and I definitely see eye to eye when it comes to the multitude of definitions for “wealthy”.

Susanne uses the phrase consciously rich, and this really resonates with me. She explains: once you become conscious that the world in which we live—with all its stern expectations and socially “acceptable”, inevitably linear trajectories—is not a universal truth but a construct built by people with power, you can begin to recognize the vast range of wealth that surrounds you.

Like swapping cash for goods, knowledge, love, and kindness are just more examples of energetic exchanges. “Money will always find me,” Susanne explains. “If you live your purpose, the profit will come.”

Be sure to check out my conversation with Susanne on the podcast. She shares stories and inspiration, and we break down some problematic concepts that we, as a society, have accepted as “the way it is” for far too long. Let’s shake things up, starting with ourselves!

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