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Official Bios

Michelle Cooper guides entrepreneurs through their financial mazes, enabling them to embrace their numbers with confidence. Her experience also includes more than 20 years of working in business strategic growth & 20 years of working with taxes, financial strategy & analysis in high-pressure, fast-moving environments.

On a mission to help women live their rich lives, Michelle specializes in refining both the practical, spiritual & energetic aspects of money, ensuring businesses thrive with clarity & purpose.

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Engaging Topics for an Insightful Conversation

Financial Freedom: Let’s Take Control of Our Money & Create Wealth

Dive deep into the essence of true wealth creation beyond the realms of mere cash flow generation. This topic focuses on the pivotal strategies and mindset shifts necessary for transforming your business's cash flow into sustainable wealth. Discover the three things that get in the way of creating new money and legacy wealth and learn how to navigate them.

Breaking Barriers: The Feminization of Poverty

It’s time that we end this cycle of women being trapped in jobs, businesses, and relationships because of money. Explore the critical issue of the feminization of poverty, a phenomenon keeping countless women in limiting economic situations. This talk aims to shed light on the systemic hurdles and societal norms faced by women in their professional and personal lives due to financial constraints.


Embark on an enlightening journey to understand the intrinsic connection between wealth and holistic wellness. This topic delves into the nuanced relationship between financial health and overall well-being. It invites you to redefine wealth in your terms and demonstrates how achieving financial stability and clarity contributes to mental, emotional, and physical wellness, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Michelle Cooper: Empowering Financial Mastery with Engaging Eloquence

Michelle's dynamic speaking style is not only informative but also engaging and inspiring. Michelle has a talent for making complex financial concepts accessible and relatable, ensuring that each audience member leaves with practical knowledge and the motivation to implement real change.

Whether addressing entrepreneurs, business leaders, or anyone looking to enrich their financial understanding, Michelle's presentations are an invaluable asset.

Booking her as a speaker means investing in a transformative experience that resonates well beyond the event itself, empowering attendees to navigate their financial journeys with confidence and clarity.

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"A Transformational Highlight at Our Entrepreneurial Mastermind Event"

We brought Michelle in to speak at our high-level business mastermind for entrepreneurs, and she became the highlight of our event! Her breadth of knowledge and wisdom around business, finances, and the psychology of wealth and money blew our group away. We continue to talk about her frameworks and, specifically, her lessons around the Money Archetypes, which will wow and enlighten any crowd! Michelle is an absolute pleasure to work with and brings such wonderful energy and brilliance. Book her while you can!

—Elizabeth Hartke, Luminary Leadership Co

Logos & Branded Artwork

Michelle Cooper

Rich Life Revolution

Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping

Transforming Financial Insight
into Empowering Wisdom

Michelle isn't just a presenter; she's a catalyst for transformation. Her topics go beyond mere financial advice, delving into the intricate connections between money, mindset, and personal growth. With her unique blend of expertise in both the pragmatic aspects of finance and the more nuanced, spiritual elements of wealth creation, Michelle offers a holistic approach to financial empowerment.

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