Mining for Gold in a Dumpster Fire Year – Ep 31

What can you learn from your bad experiences?

I like to call 2023 my Dumpster Fire Year.

Maybe you’ve had one. A span of time where you seem to have crappy situation upon crappy situation just piled on top of you, often without enough time between them to properly sort your shit out. It’s rough!

But you know what? It’s all about how you look at it. Recently, my view of my own garbage year was shifted, and I want to share that experience with you because understanding where you have control is a huge part of building your Rich Life.

A change of perspective

Between business circumstances, personal relationships, and other stuff, 2023 wasn’t great for me. So when our mentor at a mastermind event started talking about how to deal with the lousy things in life, I could have stuck my fingers in my ears, grumped about how she didn’t “get” the challenges I’d been going to, and firmly ignored the fact that maybe, just a little bit, I’d kind of climbed into my own garbage can of baggage and lit the match.

But you know what? I didn’t do that. Instead, my dedication to curiosity—basically my life-line these days—pulled me away from the potential blame and judgment and instead let me recognize and resonate with the truth our mentor was speaking.

It’s not always easy to see yourself clearly. We all have blind spots, and you need the right side mirrors to really take in every angle of yourself at every moment. But remaining open and willing is the first step.

Here’s what my curiosity showed me: I wouldn’t have been able to identify my “dumpster fire year” if I hadn’t had a whole lot of really wonderful experiences to compare it to.

Your meaning, your feelings

Life has all kinds of polarities—we know this. Positive and negative experiences are an excellent example of this (acknowledging, of course, that we apply those labels ourselves to neutral events).

In 2023 and earlier, I had so many incredible experiences and had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many amazing people. Remembering that this is what gives me the perspective to see the hard times makes me even more grateful for the good stuff and reminds me I’m totally capable of getting through the bad.

Listen: things will always happen to us. It’s how we feel and the meaning we choose (yes, choose!) to apply to those things that ultimately determine how they will affect us. We have the option to put our own positive or negative spin on every experience, so it’s super important to make sure we’re creating meanings and feelings that serve and not limit us.

That’s my little gold nugget for today! I hope it sparks something in you and highlights how the meaning you apply to the events in your life reverberates through everything. I’d love to hear what you got out of this episode, so hit me up on the socials to share your thoughts!

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