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Be a Money Rock Star.

You feel like there’s never enough money to go round, or you’re swirling around in debtors hell, or you just want more – more travel, more experiences, more money – but you just haven’t been able to get there.

You want more money.  I get that.

You’ve tried the budgeting, the jar system, the envelope system, YOU’VE DONE IT ALL.  You just don’t know how everyone else calls in the money and lives this abundant lifestyle and you want to fix that.

Is money making you feel sick to your stomach?

Do you feel like your drowning?

Do you feel overwhelmed and undereducated?

Do you feel confused and don’t understand why you can’t get ahead?

I felt that way too, and I’ve got lots of experience making and managing money for other people.  But why couldn’t I get it together in my own life?  Why was I stuck in a feast or famine cycle, and consistently climbing my way out of debt, only to find myself back in it?

Why did abundance feel so out of reach for me?  I couldn’t figure it out until, like stopped me in my tracks and made me pay attention.

And just like you hear “the extra weight your carrying isn’t about food or exercise”, I came to understand that lack of abundance and the debt cycle I was experiencing actually had nothing to do with money.

It had to do with the underlying story that I was telling myself, like a cassette tape going round and round in my head.  It had to do with the shame that I was carrying around and the lack of forgiveness.  It also had to do with my energetic output – what was I ACTUALLY saying to the Universe about where money lied in my list of priorities.  And in the end, I came to realize one very big thing – money is the effect of my ability to trust and believe.

And if you think you’re all alone in your situation, I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong.  Every time I’m in a room with people, they quickly realize that we all share these stories – they are often generational and that we all have struggled with money at one time or another.

| Introducing |
Confessions of A Money Rock Star Online
7 Weeks to Changing Your Relationship With Money Forever


It’s time to stop merely surviving when it comes to your money. Whether you feel panicky, anxious, unsure, or just plain confused – you can change it all by taking the steps to embrace your own inner money rockstar.

Once you shift your energy around money to a higher frequency, you can release the shame and start living in true abundance and wealth.


I am so grateful to have been a part of Michelle’s course.  Working through triggers and barriers when it comes to money isn’t easy work, but Michelle created a safe place where we could let our shit go and start to transform our relationship with money.  She doesn’t just work in the inner world either!  Michelle provided practical, actionable steps that we could work on each week to help us take control of our money and create a life of abundance.  Wait until you try a Money Date!  It will blow your mind!​ | Cindy Van Arnam

As an artist, I love creating a new reality…But when it came to the financial side of my business, that wasn’t helping me AT ALL. Michelle’s honest delivery, wicked humor, and jolts back into financial reality were just what I needed. I am creating a positive relationship with money, making money dates and keeping track of where I am and what I can do, and look forward to the future of my business in a way I did not think possible. | Erin Foggoa

Michelle’s approach to abundance changed the way I relate to money – she helps you identify money triggers – bam! and then how to change those fight and flight feelings into love for your money! Michelle listens with her heart and guides you with love to face your money bumps. I now have a weekly scheduled money date am aware of all that comes in and goes out and where it goes out all the time this was most valuable. Learning the money flows in and out and you don’t have to be fearful of this process because that fear can stop the flow of money. I would highly recommend this course and for sure recommend Michelle.  | Heather Ruth

This course was just what I needed. Choosing to engage in money awareness, and specifically with Michelle’s style, brought about an increase in my conscious actions around money. It helped me shift my negative habits into creative, abundant ones. Michelle’s no-nonsense, self-responsibility approach was gold for me! | Aryn Savard

This online course offers:

  • Uncovering your money story – your generational story, your own historical story, and any other stories that are coming up which keep money away from you.
  • Releasing that story and creating a new story of abundance.
  • How to effectively forgive yourself for past money shame.
  • How to practically interact with your money and call more in.
  • Complimentary ways you can interact with your money to grow it and do the things you want to do in your life.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 20+ video lessons with specific steps you can take to create a better relationship with money.
  • Worksheets to help you interact with your money on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • A new money date practice to interact with your money weekly so you know what’s going on right now with your money blueprint.
  • New rituals around meditation, journaling, visioning, and gratitude that you can incorporate into your daily life in far less time than you might think.
  • The tools to create your very own money alignment statement that will help you invite more abundance and wealth into your life.

These lessons break down the work I do with my private clients one on one over the course of 90 days for $2100. My guidance through this process was previously only available through private coaching but now with the Confessions course, you can do this on your own with my support via the recorded lessons – a more than $800 value.

Plus, we’ve got some amazing bonuses to reward action takers.

  1. The first 5 people to join will get a 30 minute one on one call with me during your program. (a $250 value)
  2. The first 20 people to join will get our Abundance Bundle that includes the companion books – Confessions of a Money Rockstar and the Money Date Journal, and an abundance crystal pouch and an essential oils roller ball that also invites in abundance and wealth. (a $150 value)
  3. Private Facebook group to get support from me and other members of the course for the full 7 weeks. (a $250 value)
  4. Two bonus Q&A calls to help you even more as you work through the material! (a $500 value)

So if you’ve been adding up those values, you’ll notice you’re getting over $1500 of tools, guidance, and support to create a new, relationship with money that will help you determine exactly how you want to interact with money for the rest of your life.

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