Start Making a Profit on Purpose with Quinn Tempest – Ep 42

How are you creating alignment between your purpose and your business?

As entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded people, we’re prone to having this great big vision of what we want to do, how we want our business life to look, and how much we want to make. The hard truth is that reality often doesn’t look like the perfect career picture we painted in our heads—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a wonderful journey!

My guest on this episode is Quinn Tempest, a marketing strategist and designer. She built a whole program to help fresh entrepreneurs navigate this disconnect, revolving around the concept of “profit on purpose.” She shares some super inspiring takeaways that really put things into perspective and highlight the importance of values in all our work and life pursuits.

Your success is as unique as you are

Quinn encourages her clients and the members of her virtual community to dig deep into their personalized definitions of success and profit. Forget about the money and deliverables you think you should be making—our reasons for those quantifiers often stem from problematic sources…but we’ll get to that.

Instead, Quinn encourages everyone to figure out their individual success signals. What green flags will tell you that you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve, based on what you want from your work, your life beyond the work, and the balance between the two?

Success might be a million dollars, or it might be a debt-free existence. Profit might be an annual seven figures, or it might be the flexibility and freedom you win from playing this career game your way. Those are two of my top indicators, for sure.

Of course, just writing down what signals success to you isn’t the end of the road. You have to put in the time to work backward and figure out the roadmap that’ll get you there. But writing those signals, and your values, down on paper gives them a lot more power than just letting them float freely in your brain, buffeted by windfalls and setbacks and outside opinions that can leave you questioning at every turn whether you want the “right” things.

Remember that influencers are lying to you

These days, we’re so inundated with influencers and coaches selling their wares with false and faulty truths: if you aren’t making 50 grand a day, you’re doing it wrong—buy my foolproof method. If you’re working more than 20 hours a week for your million-dollar revenue, you’re doing it wrong—sign up for my expensive program backed by questionable research.

Our social feeds throw a particular overarching message at us again and again: making millions is either easy or you’re going about it the wrong way. Quinn stresses that this just isn’t true. Survey research shows us that only around 12% of female entrepreneurs ever hit six figures (and only 2% reach seven). Given that, if you add up all the people shouting about their sky-high revenues and infallible systems, you have to wonder how many of them are telling the truth.

Yes, you can find ease in your business, Quinn confirms, but business is rarely easy. You’ll have ups and downs (that’s the S-curve I got into in episode 15, Leverage That Nasty-But-Inevitable S Curve with 5 Steps For Every Entrepreneur), and it will be a lot of work.

“You have to get intimately familiar with your mindset, your productivity habits, with the ways that you hold yourself back just by your thinking…It’s not just about having a skill or product you can sell, it’s about how do I motivate myself to do that? How do I consistently sustain this over time?”

The good news is, if you firm up your values and put effort into ensuring your business trajectory aligns with your purpose, things may not get suddenly and “magically” easy, but you will feel a whole lot better about the journey. Reflecting on your purpose is “a muscle you have to build,” Quinn says, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Incorporate the process of exploring what energizes you (and what drains you) and how that fits with your values and purpose into your business workflow. “I’d say show up to that Purpose Gym at least once a year!”

Try not to take it personally

One reminder from Quinn that really resonated with me is that failures in our businesses aren’t failures of character. When a product we launch or a course we release falls flat (and let’s be honest, it happens to just about everyone), fight the urge to personalize it, to assume something is wrong with you when, really, something was just wrong with one part of your approach, or the current economy, or any of a dozen other factors.

Instead—and we’ve all heard this advice before, but that’s because it’s true—we need to break down the failure and figure out what we can learn from it so that next time, we can come back stronger and increase our chance of success. Because, let me tell you: if you’ve aligned your business with your purpose and you’re putting in the work—success will come.

If you have ever faced a barrier in your business, you’ll want to tune in to this episode. Quinn’s warmth and authenticity shine through every word, and you’ll get takeaways galore from her expertise.

Does Quinn’s perspective on this whole business thing resonate with you as much as it did with me? Her Create Your Purpose Collective is a group of women at all different stages of business and revenue dedicated to combatting faulty messaging and setting their own paths forward in business “on purpose and with purpose.” I highly recommend you check it out!

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