Release To Receive: Manifesting Through Tapping with Jackie McDonald – Ep 30

How might looking inward transform your life?

Life is difficult. From raising kids to running a business to remembering to eat right and get enough sleep, every one of us is dealing with a lot. On top of that, those of us focused on creating a career or a stable life often find ourselves ignoring our internal dialogues and what our subconscious minds are trying to tell us. Instead, we centre the external—and therefore more tedious and fleeting—achievements and desires. And then we wonder why we are burning out and haven’t achieved our richest lives!

In my conversation with Jackie McDonald, the founder of EFT Tapping School, we dig into the intersection between her specialized tapping—an acupressure treatment therapy called the “emotional freedom technique” that can ease anxiety and rebalance energy—and entrepreneurship. Jackie truly lives the business she has built and brings her inspiringly honest and practical approach to meditation, manifestation, and living her richest life.

It’s about internal communication

Jackie explains that her EFT approach, which involves tapping and talking through encountered blocks aloud or communicating directly with parts of ourselves, has enabled her to process her emotions effectively and uncover the beliefs beneath the surface that are holding her back.

I’ve talked about this on the podcast many times now: recognizing these limiting assumptions is the first step to correcting them and letting your reticular activating system start filtering in the energies and experiences around us that reinforce more positive beliefs and goals. Manifestation 101, friends!

It’s about letting go of external attachment

Nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it.” These wise words from T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, resonate so deeply with the concepts of manifestation, tapping, and living your rich life. As a bunch of high achievers, we tend to set our sights on big goals—say, a $500,000 launch. We pour so much of ourselves into this goal. If we fall short of that target, as sometimes happens in life regardless of our best intentions, we find we’ve attached so much meaning to that outcome that its lack of fulfillment reflects back a lack of worth.

Only when we separate the outcome from the journey can we see that, regardless of whether our launch crashes and burns, makes half our goal, or blows right past it, we have learned and grown as a person during the journey. Part of Jackie’s mission is helping women tap into the subconscious storylines that link their worth to their results and rewrite these narratives.

Wow the world with your Wildly Wealthy Woman

Jackie’s teachings guide women to create fuller, richer, more aligned lives, and all this can manifest as the realization of a persona Jackie first met while meditating and tapping: a future self she named her Wildly Wealthy Woman.

In watching, learning from, and emulating this future self, Jackie discovered all the wonderful wealth—in every sense of the word—that we can manifest by looking inside, listening to what our deepest truth has to say, and enacting it in the physical realm.

Jackie’s business and her outlook fit so wonderfully into the Rich Life Revolution ethos. You’ll come away from this podcast episode enlightened, inspired, and ready to take your business and the rest of your life into your own hands through goal-setting, internal alignment, and manifestation.

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