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Dive into everything related to money and personal finance with your host, Michelle Cooper, as she gets real about financial matters, offering practical tips and strategies to improve financial well-being and achieve greater wealth. Michelle's mission is to provide valuable insights, inspiration, and actionable advice to enable you to create your own rich life revolution.

Rich Life Revolution welcomes cool and inspiring guests who have compelling stories to share about their financial journeys. Each episode is designed to be workshop-esque, ensuring that you take away actionable steps and tangible advice to implement in your life.

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Each week you’ll hear either a guest interview or a solo episode. You’ll be inspired by engaging discussions with interesting and successful individuals or to learn directly from Michelle as she shares her expertise and provide guidance to help navigate your revolutionary wealth journey.

Expect to hear from successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who have achieved significant milestones in their financial lives. These stories aim to motivate and educate while showcasing different paths to financial success. At the end of each episode, Michelle encourages you to apply at least one key takeaway or "gold nugget" to help move your wealth forward.

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Podcast Episodes

Curbing Stress to Make Way for Creativity with guest Eugene Choi - Rich Life Revolution Podcast

Curbing Stress To Make Way for Creativity with Eugene Choi – Ep 28

March 14, 2024

How is your stress response getting in the way of your creativity? Here’s a “fun” fact: research suggests that adults are in a state of stress around 70% of the time. We all know that excessive stress isn’t good for us. Realizing that more than half our lives are spent in that hyper-aware, survival mode,…

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Create Your Personal Success Plan with Sacred Money Archetypes & Human Design - Episode 27

Create Your Personal Success Plan With Sacred Money Archetypes & Human Design – Ep 27

March 7, 2024

What kind of goal-setting works for you? If you’ve found that the “right” way you were taught to plan for your future and set goals for your success just doesn’t resonate with you, we’re about to tackle that! If you already know exactly what goal-setting method floats your boat (good on you!), the latest Rich…

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Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Discover How To Give Yourself Space To Create the Life You Want with Marie-Elizabeth Mali – Ep 26

February 29, 2024

How do you prepare yourself for life’s transitions? Unlike our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, today many of us realize 5, or 15, or 25 years into our first career that it isn’t fulfilling us anymore—or maybe it never was. My guest on the podcast this week, my friend Marie-Elizabeth Mali—a speaker, coach, consultant, and host…

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Get Your Credit Under Control - Rich Life Revolution episode 25

Get Your Credit Under Your Control – Ep 25

February 22, 2024

When was the last time you checked your credit score? There are times in our lives when it’s all too easy to ignore our credit. Often, this happens when we’re in a long-term relationship and how we pay our expenses—housing, vehicle, utilities—hasn’t shifted in years. But life changes quickly. Maybe the relationship ends, or you…

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Understand Your Brain and Enrich Your Life with Fletcher Ellingson

Understand Your Brain to Enrich Your Life with Fletcher Ellingson – Ep #24

February 15, 2024

Why do I always freak out over change? That’s an excellent question! If you’ve been following along, you already know that I’m a big fan of examining my feelings to figure out where they’re boiling up from and using that knowledge to help me achieve my richest life (and offer advice on how to achieve…

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Episode 23 - 4 Steps to Start Cleaning Up Your Money

4 Steps to Start Cleaning Up Your Money Energy – Ep 23

February 8, 2024

How is your money situation looking? There’s absolutely no shame in having a messy money situation—I am literally in the business of helping people with their money and even my finances fall into disarray now and then. The thing is, clean money energy has a positive effect on so many other aspects of your life—I…

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Embracing the fear and promise of big changes with Karla Silver

Embracing the Fear and Promise of Big Changes with Karla Silver – Ep 22

February 1, 2024

What’s your default reaction when a big change is looming? We all face big changes—maybe once or twice in your life, or you might feel like you’re redefining yourself every couple of years. However often it comes up, how you deal with these situations has a major impact on how everything shakes out in the…

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Lean into the Laws of the Universe to Enhance your Manifestation - Rich Life Revolution Podcast Episode 21

Lean Into the Laws of the Universe to Enhance Your Manifestation – Ep 21

January 25, 2024

How are you manifesting your richest life? There’s an idea floating around that manifestation is just sitting back in your armchair, zenning out, and daydreaming about what you desire. If you’ve been following along on this blog or the Rich Life Revolution podcast for a while, you already know that’s definitely not how I see…

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Rich Life Revolution Podcast with guest Romy Marlo Ellis

Working On Your Why: Feminine Leadership Fundamentals with Romy Marlo Ellis – Ep 20

January 18, 2024

Whose “why” are you working on? Content Warning: This episode contains mentions of suicidal thoughts between the 8- and 10-minute mark. If you need professional assistance, please contact your country’s support line. We all have goals we’re working towards in our lives, whether they’re focused on the success of our businesses, milestones in our personal…

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Capitalize on the rules of the subconscious mind - Rich Life Revolution podcast

Capitalize on the Rules of the Subconscious Mind – Ep 19

January 11, 2024

How well do you know your subconscious mind, really? I’d like to introduce you to someone. You’ve been aware of their existence for a while now, and they’ve been seven for, like, ever. If you’ve ever met another 7-year-old, you know this means they are endlessly curious, have a huge capacity to learn, and respond…

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Rich Life Revolution Podcast with guest Susanne Goldstein

Master Manifestation to Become Consciously Rich with Susanne Goldstein – Ep 18

January 4, 2024

How would your life change if you became a master manifestor? Becoming a master manifestor takes more than just wishing on a star. Susanne Goldstein knows from experience that when your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are aligned, things will happen (and keep on happening) for you. Susanne has worn many stylish hats, from mechanical engineer…

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Take Control of Your Mind's Conscious and Unconscious Manifestation - Rich Life Revolution Podcast

Take Control of Your Mind’s Conscious and Unconscious Manifestation – Ep 17

December 28, 2023

What desire do you most want your subconscious mind to manifest? Most of us have something we’re longing to achieve that we’re convinced is out of reach. Often, what convinces us are the beliefs we learned early in our lives, ones that are so hardwired into our subconscious minds by the time we’re grown that…

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Rich Life Revolution Podcast 16 with Jennifer Jane Young

Inviting Intuition: Balancing Your Head, Heart, and Gut with Jennifer Young – Ep 16

December 21, 2023

When intuition strikes, how do you respond? Gut feelings can be scary. Sometimes, the life changes they suggest are equal parts overwhelming and unbelievably exciting, and it’s hard to fight the urge to either run screaming in the other direction or dive in 100% immediately! If you can relate, you need someone like Jennifer Young;…

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Leverage the S Curve for Entrepreneurs - Rich Life Revolution podcast with Michelle Cooper

Leverage That Inevitable S-Curve with 5 Steps For Every Entrepreneur – Ep 15

December 14, 2023

As an entrepreneur, what is your gut response when growth seems to stop? The “S curve” is a common business concept, graphing the progress of your company over time. It includes rises, as well as the plateaus and even dips in revenue that often follow. If that last part sounds super scary, that’s because it…

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Rich Life Revolution Podcast 13 with Lucy Croysdill

Business Skills from the Rink with Roller Derby Rockstar Lucy Croysdill – Ep 14

December 7, 2023

What early lessons have you had to unlearn? As adults, it often takes someone questioning why we’re so against an idea for us to take a step back and realize we internalized something as kids and we’ve been believing it the whole time. Take Lucy Croysdill. She was small as a child, so the adults…

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Strategic Expenses an Other Practical Money Tips from a Financial Friend - Rich Life Revolution Podcast with Michelle Cooper

More Money Won’t Solve Your Problems: Let’s Talk Profit vs. Revenue – Ep 13

November 30, 2023

How much do you know about your business’s bottom line? Working with entrepreneurs, I hear the same thing over and over: if I could just make more money, that would solve all my problems. The thing is, my experience as a business owner and coach has also taught me that’s just not true. Instead of…

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Rich Life Revolution Podcast episode 12 with Yanik Silver

Evolve to Align Your Head, Your Heart, and Your Higher Purpose with Yanik Silver – Ep 12

November 22, 2023

How do you define business “success”? Most of us want to do good while we’re here on Earth, but hustle culture and the price of bread can shift our focus, especially when we’re starting our own businesses and just trying to stay afloat. This scarcity mentality is totally understandable, but the problem is that we…

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Rich Life Revolution Podcast | 3 steps to uprooting your money beliefs and improving your cash flow

Three Steps To Uprooting Your Money Beliefs And Improving Your Cash Flow – Ep 11

November 16, 2023

How are your beliefs about money affecting your business? Four out of five businesses fail by their fifth year, if you can believe it! The reasons for this are many and nuanced, but in over a decade of running my business and coaching hundreds of business owners, one big, probably obvious root cause rears up…

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