Create Your Personal Success Plan With Sacred Money Archetypes & Human Design – Ep 27

What kind of goal-setting works for you?

If you’ve found that the “right” way you were taught to plan for your future and set goals for your success just doesn’t resonate with you, we’re about to tackle that! If you already know exactly what goal-setting method floats your boat (good on you!), the latest Rich Life Revolution podcast episode will help you further define your style and understand why it works for you!

I’m going to walk you through the process that my Sacred Money School co-founder Lisa Broome and I developed to help us figure out the perfect personalized goal-setting method. You’ll want to have a pen and paper and your Human Design chart and Sacred Money Archetypes in front of you for this. If you haven’t gotten those yet, go download the MyHumanDesign app (it’s free to generate your chart) and take your Sacred Money Archetype assessment, then come on back!

Human Design: Specific/Non-Specific Manifestor

There is a ton to unpack in the Human Design realm, and the app can dive into it with you. (Lisa is also a Human Design pro if you’re looking for some one-on-one help!) For our purposes, we’re going to keep it simple and look at just two sections of your chart.

Take a peek at the arrows at the bottom of your chart, the ones pointing at the belly button of the torso shape. First, we’re going to look at the right one. If this arrow is pointing to the left, you are a specific manifestor. If it is pointing to the right, you’re a non-specific manifestor.

Specific manifestors are folks who naturally gravitate toward visualizing exactly what they want. For example, if you’re planning for a new car, you’re envisioning your cherry red 2023 Nissan Kicks. Non-specific manifestors, on the other hand, lean toward envisioning the way their successful outcome makes them feel. They might not have a make and model in mind, but they want their car to make them feel free and powerful, say.

MyHumanDesign app - specific manifestor illustration

Source: MyHumanDesign app


Human Design: Active/Passive Manifestation Style

Let’s move on to the arrow on the left side of the silhouette. If that arrow is pointing to the left, you have an active manifestation style. If it’s point to the right, you have a passive manifestation style.

MyHumanDesign app - active/passive manifestation style illustration

Source: MyHumanDesign app

People who are into active manifestation enjoy participating in every step of the process, creating goals and tracking their progress along the way. Passive manifestation folks prefer to create their goals and then sit back and watch how they develop, letting them take their course rather than closely tracing the process.

Which of the four possible combinations of this particular Human Design component are you?

  • A specific, active manifestor who likes to set distinct goals and track their progress
  • A specific, passive manifestor who likes to set distinct goals and let them run their course
  • A non-specific, active manifestor who likes to determine how you want to feel and track that progress
  • A non-specific, passive manifestor who likes to determine how you want to feel and let that process run its course

Weaving in the Sacred Money Archetypes

Now it’s time to weave in your top one or two sacred money archetypes. I broke all these down in detail in episode 5, so if you need a refresher on the strengths and challenges of your archetypes, go check that out!

Once you have a handle on these traits, you are so much better set up to find the perfect manifestation and planning style that aligns with your unique mindset. You can begin building out a method you’ll not only stick to but actually enjoy!

Ask yourself what actions you can take to support yourself in creating and pursuing 2024 goals that really resonate with how you’re geared to goal-setting. Then, consider what you might say no to this year that will help you process more quickly and authentically without burning out along the way.

Follow these steps and you’ll be positioned to totally slay your 2024 goals, and I have so many resources that can help you along the way! If your Sacred Money Archetype challenge includes getting personal with your money, give my Money Date Workbook a try, or check out the Rich Life Revolution Workbook for all things life-enriching!

Want to go deeper? Lisa and I have a quick, affordable, but super-impactful Sacred Money Archetype workshop that will help you figure this out and have your most motivating and productive year yet!

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