Explore the Sacred Money Archetypes with Kendall SummerHawk – Ep 38

What’s your relationship with money?

The Sacred Money Archetypes have come up on this podcast and blog a lot.

So, of course, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with the creator of this game-changing approach, Kendall SummerHawk. We talk all things Sacred Money and explored what’s behind our continuing struggle as women to match wealth with the men.

Kendall has been working with businesses and female entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. Today, she focuses on training women to become coaches themselves—her mission is to put the power of making money into every woman’s hands and, obviously, that’s totally my jam!

Creating the Sacred Money Archetypes

You know I’m all about the Sacred Money Archetypes. I never pass up a chance to talk about them, and I proudly received Kendall’s certification in 2022.

We owe the development of this wildly insightful and inspiring coaching system to Kendall’s first deep dive into archetypes. Back in 2006, she developed her Branding with Archetypes assessment. During the months of research, she came to a striking realization: these personas related to money just as well as marketing. Her expert pattern-spotting gears started running, and Sacred Money Archetypes were born (after months and months more research, of course).

When the topic of the Archetypes comes up in my presentations, I’m always wowed by the response. So many people rush over after a talk to share how deeply one or a few of the types resonated with them. Understanding your top Archetypes and understanding your clients’ if you work in money matters is a huge boon. It gives you the power to connect so much more deeply with each person, giving them guidance that actually speaks to their deep, personal relationship with money, rather than just the standard company line.

So, let’s dive in! Here’s your crash course in the Sacred Money Archetypes. If you’re impatient to get started, though, you can always reveal your money relationship by taking your assessment right now!

A Sacred Money Archetypes speed run

There’s so much to know about the eight Archetypes—I could easily go on for pages about each one. To keep it simple for now, let’s look at their Sacred Money contracts. The contract combines what comes easy to each Archetype and what is challenging, asking us to dig deep and work on ourselves while also validating our financial strengths.

Ruler: the inner empire builder

This Archetype plays hard, and they’re all about monetization. They go go go, and taking a breather can be tough. Their Sacred Money contract is “to innovate, achieve, and empower wealth with grace and ease.”

Maverick: the inner rebel with a cause

The Maverick (hi, that’s me!) is a gambler, always willing to win and lose fortunes by going to extremes. Their Sacred Money contract is “to learn to balance extreme risk with financial security.”

Nurturer: the inner sponsor and cheerleader

This Archetype is great at saving money, but sometimes you can’t tell because they’re all too willing to give it away to anyone who asks. Blame that big heart of theirs. The Nurturer’s Sacred Money contract is “to care for others by empowering herself.”

Connector: the inner relationship creator

The Connector treats money kind of like the figment of someone else’s imagination—they just never really consider it. This can lead to depending on others for their financial situation and to being taken advantage of. Their Sacred Money contract is “to empower financial independence through the value of relationships.”

Alchemist: the inner idealist

If you ask a client (or yourself) about their relationship with money, the Alchemist is most likely to describe it as a love/hate situation. This Archetype loves the underdog and has a million ideas, but they struggle to get from conception to business plan. Their Sacred Money contract is “to transform ideas into financial success.”

Accumulator: the inner banker

This money maven is all about dollars and cents, and this can mean they have a hard time grasping the bigger, longer-term visions of those more creative and free-flying Archetypes. The Accumulator’s Sacred Money contract is “to respect the power of money by investing to create freedom.”

Romantic: the inner hedonist

This pleasure-seeker, unsurprisingly, doesn’t really think about the future. Money is for spending and bringing joy, and that can lead to considering cost irrelevant and, sometimes, to racking up debt. Their Sacred Money contract is “to create financial security while still living life to the fullest.”

Celebrity: the inner bigshot

This lover of fine things is very aware of money because the more expensive something is, the more it’s worth having. They love their luxury, which makes them great salespeople and super spendy. Their Sacred Money contract is “to accumulate wealth while being admired and valued in the world.”

So, which one of the Sacred Money Archetypes jumped out at you? Even if you don’t work in a finance-related field, knowing your top Archetypes (and your partner’s) can make money matters and cash conversations so much easier because you finally understand where you’re coming from and that you’re not alone! Every one of these Archetypes can save money, make money, and live a wildly Rich life—they just need a process that fits their persona!

For tons more information on the Archetypes, their origins, and the amazing insights of their creator, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast. Give it a listen right now.

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