Seizing Your Sexual Power with Tiffany Yelverton – EP 2

When was the last time you asked for what you wanted?

Most women have felt awkward talking about money or equality in the workplace. In much the same way, our upbringings and society’s conditioning have led many women to fear or avoid talking openly about sex.

Tiffany Yelverton is a sex coach who teaches women to “have open discussions and learn about their bodies and take back their sexual power.” She joined me on the podcast this week to talk about money and sex: two aspects that are essential to women’s lives but often overlooked.

The workplace dominance of masculine energy

Over a decade ago, Tiffany left the restaurant industry and the oppressive masculine energy that had her feeling unlike her feminine self, even after her long shifts were done. This is probably not unfamiliar to you, or to millions of women for hundreds of years.

Studies show that men make around 21 cents more on the dollar than women. They also suggest men self-pleasure around 23% more than women do. It’s pretty hard to ignore the similarity between those numbers.

Almost 50% of women would rather give up sex than their phone, but science supports sexy times: research shows that people who have three or more orgasms per week earn higher wages than those getting off less often. Success is linked to sex; it’s as simple as that!

Sex can enhance your confidence

Tiffany has made it her mission in life to teach women how to accomplish more in life by being more accomplished with sex. And, just to be clear, that’s not just sex with another person.

When we orgasm, our bodies release oxytocin, also called the cuddle chemical. When you orgasm with a partner, this chemical plays a part in forging an emotional bond.

Guess what happens when you orgasm with yourself? That’s right—your body forges a stronger emotional bond with you. Self-pleasuring has been linked to overcoming body issues and increasing confidence and self-worth. That’s pretty impactful when I consider that the greatest evolution of my life and my wealth has come from valuing myself. If amping up my oxytocin production can help with that, I’m all in!

Take the first steps to re-finding yourself

Touch is the key oxytocin maker, by the way, not sex. If all this has left you feeling a bit uncomfortable, just start there!

Tiffany points out you don’t need to take a spa day to practice self-care, and you don’t need an orgasm to experience touch. From facial massages to a cheesy little self-hug—touch can take so many forms!

Tiffany and I talk about all this and so much more in the second episode of the Rich Life Revolution. If you’ve been unsure of how to get your positive, life-changing energy flowing again, you won’t want to miss our conversation. Let Tiffany tell you about how she’s helping women discover their sexual power—I know you’re going to love this one!

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