Setting Unrealistic Goals For Success with Michelle Cooper – EP 3

The bigger the dream, the richer the life

Let me ask you this: when is the last time you shared a dream or a goal with a friend or family member, only to be told to “get real” or that things don’t happen like magic?

What do they know? Come on, let’s take a journey into the realm of unapologetically unrealistic dreams!

The land of limitless possibilities

I believe that what we want from life and what is possible from life are totally compatible. There are unlimited options we can choose and directions we can go, and life is all about making decisions that send you on that next path, right?

When someone tells you you’re being unrealistic, try to look at it this way: it just proves that we’re happier not living my life by rules that restrict possibility! Hopefully, those doubters will stop fighting for these arbitrary limitations one day, but, regardless, we can keep making choices like anything can happen.

No dreamers = no green eggs and ham!

Think of all the people in history who have been told they were “crazy” or rejected for their big dreams. Jerry Seinfeld was booed off stage at his first stand-up show! Dr. Seuss’ first book was rejected more than two dozen times!

What’s the deal with that? Just think what the world would be like if these folks hadn’t pushed back against the smaller dreamers!

What’s your “craziest” dream?

It doesn’t matter to me if your “crazy goal” is a decades-long career as a comic or to open a small shop in your neighbourhood. Think of the wildest, most unapologetically unrealistic goal you can—mine is to become a New York Times-bestselling author, for the record—and note it somewhere. Put it on your vision board. Post it on social media.

You don’t have to hang it on your bathroom mirror or repeat it every morning in the shower. The thing is, once you say a big dream, write it down, put it into the universe, it’s out there!

Your body’s reticular activating system is an incredible thing. Basically, it shuffles away the unimportant info so your brain can focus on important stuff. It can present you with the thoughts, opportunities, and ideas circulating around you that relate to The Important Thing, keeping you on track to achieve it.

So, what are you waiting for? Put that unapologetically unrealistic dream into the world, put your RAS to work, and…congrats! You’ve taken a huge step in your Rich Life Revolution!

On this week’s episode of the Rich Life Revolution, join me for a quick dive into making shit happen. I’ve got lots of insights about what to do when someone tells you your idea is over the top; I really think this one will resonate with you.

Follow the link to tune in, and let’s all dream big! You can start right now by picking up your copy of the Rich Life Revolution workbook!

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