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Michelle B Cooper - certified speaker
Michelle B Cooper -Business Alchemist, Speaker, Writer & Community Igniter

Michelle Cooper is a powerhouse leaser who inspires women to create change. Michelle has worn many hats in her career, working around the world in finance and business development but at the same time has a heart for being of service to others. As a mentor, speaker, writer and coach, her goals are to motivate others to pursue their true passion, manifest their dreams and execute their vision in order to create the life they love living.



Michelle Copper is a firecracker who will grab your attention and keep it through her incredible life adventures and the stories she shared to the practical advice she gave on how to grow a gets you thinking about the numbers in your business with a financial education and background but also what it really takes to be successful in life and business
Chantelle Adams
Michelle brings her commanding presence and rebel spirit to the stage as she takes us on an adventurous journey that encourages us to take risks, do the work, and get real with our money and ourselves!
Dawn Gibson
Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Michelle is an incredible, amazing storyteller with amazing strategies your “get the fuck out” fund.
Jo Davidson

All to often I see women who are just getting by, just going through the tasks of their business, blindly carrying on doing the same things, and getting the same results. Well, that’s just not good enough. Let’s uncover your dream, shine a light on your numbers and shake things up. Success in business means taking risks. Risks require vision and action. Take the risk. Do the work, gain the reward and along the way build your business sisterhood, cause we can do so much more when we collaborate.

I empower women to pull back the curtain on their business and examine where they are now, decide where they want to be ad create a route to that place. The journey can feel lonely, so I show them how to build their business sisterhood by collaboration, not competition. But vision without action is just complacency, so together we uncover the obstacles, work through the challenges and forge the path to freedom and abundance.

I support creative, passionate entrepreneurs whose businesses are a crossroads – they want to do do more, be more, have more – and it takes strategy to elevate their business to that level. I believe that soulful entrepreneurs who have money can change the world, and our world could use a little changing. Let’s change our world together, starting with your business, your event, your life.




Powerhouse, leader, inspiring.
Sara McClellan
Great storyteller. Love the conversation.
Theresa Crowley
Michelle is such a badass speaker who fires us up to action. What a powerful story. We come away with the practices to be prosperous and adventurous.
Molly Knight-Forde
Michelle is delight to listen to. She is an empowering speaker and believes in the power of women supporting each other.
Smith Banfield
Michelle’s fire, sass and rockstar approach lit our audience on fire. Michelle’s fun, spunky personality is amazing at any event. She creates amazing value with powerful take-home strategies for women business owners.
Meaghan Alton
Way to bring the energy! Michelle was a powerhouse on stage! I felt motivated to take action right f-ing now.
Joy Kingsborough

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