Stay the Course: Tips for Entrepreneurial Success with Jane Johnston – Ep 32

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In this episode of the podcast, listen in on my enlightening chat with Jane Johnston, a RE/MAX #1 realtor multiple times over and as savvy an entrepreneur as you could hope to talk shop with. Her no-punches-pulled approach to building a business comes with hard truths and smart tips—something every businesswoman can benefit from, wherever they’re at in their Rich Life Revolution.

Put the client first

Jane was inspired to shift her career focus from teaching to real estate after a particularly poor encounter with a realtor. This, coupled with her background in administration and education, left her with a clear goal for her approach to selling houses: customer service above all else. This perspective, as well as a lot of hard work, led her to close 26 transactions in her first year—that’s like six times more than most new realtors achieve!

Keep an eye on your ROI

Of course, with this impressive roster of new clients came an impressive weight of work. With any entrepreneurial endeavor, we need to find ways to scale up without burning out, and Jane’s past in administration guided her way once again. She determined to create templates for any form or correspondence she ever repeated and ensure that everything was structured firmly within her system.

These practices not only kept her from working herself—and her budget—into the ground, but they also made it easier to delegate work when, fairly early in her real estate career, she had to bring on an assistant. Jane acknowledges that business owners often hesitate to delegate work because they fear a decline in quality. The trick, she says, is to have systems and checklists in place. That way, as long as the list is being checked off, the process can’t go off the rails!

Stay consistent

I’ve said before that my business is a “10-year overnight success,” and Jane echoes this concept. Despite her quick vault to running a million-dollar company, no one wakes up suddenly victorious. Pitfalls and slumps dog us every step of the way, and it’s easy to tap out when a big one looms up.

Remaining consistent—in your goal, your message, and your dedication to the work—is the only way you come out on top, whether that top happens a year in or twenty. Jane cites the many “baby entrepreneurs” she has seen over the years, who seem to be selling something new at every networking event.

If growing pains and steep climbs are inevitable, it stands to reason that dramatically switching your goalposts every few months will simply throw additional challenges in your path. Figuring out how to stay the course and focus on the small wins until the big wins come is the key to achieving your career dream in the end.

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