Take Your Passions on the Road: Making Remote Work Work with Caitlin Doemner – EP 4

Where in the world will your rich life take you?

Caitlin Doemner and her family have played the “workcation” game for years now, and she’s living proof that prioritizing travel, while life-changing and on-the-surface glamorous, is also a tricky practice in work/life balance, self-discovery, and going with the flow.

Caitlin Doemner: world traveler, author, business coach

For two years, Caitlin Doemner toured multiple continents with her husband and three young children. From 2021 to 2022, the jetsetting family explored four continents. They plan to check off the remaining three in the next few years.

Balancing wanderer and workaholic tendencies

Good Wi-Fi and strong boundaries are remote work non-negotiables, especially for self-professed workaholics like Caitlin. A less obvious contributor, though? Time zones!

This factor plays a huge role in helping her establish and enforce these hard-won boundaries. Keeping a halfways “normal” schedule means there might be only two to four hours a day for interacting with team members and clients back in the U.S. This forced intentionality has an incredible impact on productivity—what needs to get done gets done in the time available.

Digging up a turning point on a tropical beach

Caitlin recognizes in herself a tendency to run away and, on a tropical beach thousands of miles from home (which should be a successful escape), she found herself still looking for the next way to bolt. Staring out at that incredible seascape, it dawned on her: when you’ve “fixed” everything in your life and you’re still not happy, there’s only one option left. It’s you.

Adjusting your thinking in a healthier direction takes a lot of work. When she’s sad or angry, Caitlin asks herself “where is my thinking gunky?” Fine-tuning this process for herself led her to start her coaching business. Ecstatic Way is a business school that welcomes people from all walks of life—from entrepreneurs to parents to CEOs—and guides them in getting really clear on what they want.

Whether your rich life goal looks a lot like this or you’ve got a different path in mind, Caitlin has an immutable take on why manifesting your ideal life can feel like an unachievable slog.

It isn’t the universe working against you, it’s three things you can work on: gaining more clarity, establishing a stronger emotional connection to the desire, and sustaining that energy long enough for the change to take place.

Your rich life revolution can kick off—or keep building—by figuring out exactly what it is you want out of it. My podcast and our downloadable worksheet are here to help and inspire you every step of the way!

Want to get the full scoop on Caitlin’s incredible metaphorical and literal journey? You have to check out my full interview with her in episode 4 of the Rich Life Revolution podcast. She gets really real and offers so much invaluable insight on how to make whatever life you want to live truly work for you.

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