Leaning Into Legacy: The Transformative Nature of Death with Sara Spada – Ep 34

What happens when you reframe how you look at loss?

If you have ever experienced loss—of a relationship, a loved one, or even a career dream—this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast is for you. I speak with Sara Spada, a life and leadership mentor who works with people in the process of evolution and awakening. Over the years, she has been a great pillar during changes in my life, and I am so grateful to share our conversation with you!

We explore the impacts of death and loss, both positive and negative, and dig into how embracing both our own and others’ legacies can be a transformative practice in living in the moment.

Embracing the transformation of death

Even though Sara has a solid background of dealing with and working through death—she was a birth and death doula—the loss of her mother a number of years ago and the sabbatical she embarked upon with her sister over the following year was eye-opening. Sara cites it as her best and worst year ever.

As she travelled across British Columbia, visiting the locations and people her mother had built community with throughout her life, Sara discovered just how involved her mother had been and how deeply she had impacted the lives of the people she spent time with. During this journey, Sara also returned to the site of trauma from her childhood and confronted this pivotal moment in a way she never had before. The positive and negative aspects of this year of discovery culminated in a deeply healing and introspective journey that ultimately transformed her.

“Death leaves no stone unturned,” Sara says. It brings up emotional, physical, and even generational pain, but if we can embrace and deal with literal death when it comes, as it always does, we learn so much about who we are, who we can be, and how capable we are of dealing with loss, however it manifests in our lives.

Legacy and the promise it holds

As Sara puts it, we need to consider how we can move through difficult experiences “with our eyes, heart, and soul wide awake, so that evolution on the other side is just as rich as the experience itself.”

Leaning into what is happening as it happens, both internally and in the world around us, and establishing a “deep inner anchoring of the experience” are essential parts of healing and growing from loss and change. However, the legacy we want to build out of this and every past and future experience is essential to consider, too.

Understanding legacy isn’t just about what we ourselves will leave behind, either. It also encompasses the legacies of our loved ones that inevitably impact us in some way. Sara and I talk about the guilt that sometimes comes up over my receiving wealth in the form of a forthcoming inheritance from my brother, who has a terminal illness. She explained that respecting our loved ones’ goals for their legacies means accepting both sides of that coin: the deep sorrow at the loss and excitement of that unexpected windfall. Whether my brother lives six months or another 30 years, Sara says, he chose the legacy he wants, which includes this bequeathment to me, and honouring him means embracing the full experience.

Accepting our role as translator

Our perception of manifestation comes into play here, too. Part of my guilt stems from having written down and aligning my energy around generating “great wealth with ease.” But thinking that my manifestation efforts helped bring about the impending loss of my brother is problematic. Sara points out that by feeding the narrative that our manifestation “power” makes unhappy things happen, by believing what we have received is “wrong” in some way, we shut down the very universal resonance we aspired to connect with in the first place.

Rather than ruminating on how our desires might have made something unwanted come to fruition, we need to move forward with the legacy left to us. Instead of the creators of experiences, Sara considers us the translators. We can take the reins of what the universe offers free of shame and confident in our ability to translate whatever happens to us into something meaningful to ourselves and to those whose legacies we aim to uphold.

Sara and I venture deep into the intricacies of loss, grief, and legacy in this episode. All of us have experienced this in some capacity in our lives, and Sara’s insights reframe and inspire a whole new, life-affirming take on death. Tune in now!

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