Tips For Busy Women Birthing Successful Businesses with Julie Cole – Ep 6

What’s the best career tip you’ve ever received?

Julie Cole has spent the last twenty years building her children’s label business, Mabel’s Labels, and, more recently, writing her outstanding book Like a Mother: Birthing Businesses, Babies, and a Life Beyond Labels.

During that time, she’s learned an awful lot about building and maintaining her richest life, and she has some rockstar tips for women getting ready to dive into their newest professional endeavour.

Build your network while you build your business

Having good suppliers and key partners is great, but Julie’s actually talking about your support network here. “Surround yourself with good people who will listen to you, and help you, and want you to do well—who will be your cheerleaders.”

They’re just as important as the folks who ship your products or run your website. In Julie’s case, she had a build-in like-minded support system in her three co-founders, but whether it’s a business partner, an entrepreneur group, or an outstanding set of pals, going it alone on your new career path is a lonely option best avoided.

Stop thinking you have to handle everything

As women, it often feels like we’re expected to do it all. We’re certainly no strangers to being asked if we have it all (and what does that mean, anyway? Julie argues your “all” is whatever the heck you want it to be, expectations be damned). But Julie is a huge proponent of delegating.

You built that awesome support system, so go on, ask for support! From stamping envelopes to watching the kids for a few hours, let people know what will help. Never feel like you can’t ask; the worst that happens is that they say no and, as Julie says, “no’s are free!”

While you’re at it, why not delegate the housekeeping you don’t have time for or simply can’t stand? Have the groceries delivered! Hire a weekly cleaning service! Order your kid’s birthday cake from a bakery! You’ve got enough on your plate—make your life (and time) work for you.

Recognize your future impact on women everywhere

Julie passionately highlights the social good that running a successful business can do beyond transforming your own life. When women run companies and create their own wealth, they’re more likely to leave bad relationships or unfulfilling marriages, among making many other changes that require that safety net and confidence. These qualities make them amazing role models for the women watching.

Let’s face it, more women diving into their Rich Life Revolutions means a better world for everyone, am I right? If these tips resonate with you, listen to my full interview with Julie on episode 6 of the podcast! She has so much more to say about starting a business while raising six kids and discovering what a rich life means for her. This one’s a must-listen, for sure!

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