Value Alignment in Every Stage of Life with Marie-Elizabeth Mali – Ep 36

How do you define “alignment” in your life?

You’ve heard about reaching alignment in your life, right? PassionBody coach, speaker, and poet Marie-Elizabeth Mali recently returned to the Rich Life Revolution podcast to remind us all that alignment is not an absolute. We don’t fail or succeed at alignment—rather, it’s a fluid, moving target that changes as we change, and grow, and ebb, and flow, all throughout our lives.#top

Tossing out the more traditional (and somewhat bleak) naming convention of the life stages of women—maiden, mother, and crone—Marie-Elizabeth renames them and encourages all women to embrace the beauty of each one without judgment or regret.

The first stage: PrettyBody

Marie-Elizabeth calls the first stage of our lives the PrettyBody. As we transition from adolescence toward adulthood, we focus a lot on the external, seeking the opinions, permissions, and approval of parents, bosses, friends, and romantic partners. Our looks weigh into our perception of ourselves and act as a sort of currency. A lot of doing at top speed happens in this stage, as opposed to being.

We have a tendency to look back on that part of our lives, imagining how much different, how much better, it would be if we’d known what we know now. Marie-Elizabeth stresses that that’s missing the point. All this potentially superficial doing is exactly what the PrettyBody phase is for!

The second stage: PassionBody

The PrettyBody stage gets us all set up for the next one: the PassionBody. Marie-Elizabeth specializes in helping women navigate this time of change. Somewhere between our late 40s and late 50s, many of us face a moment of reckoning: our kids might be around less, our job might be getting stale, we might be questioning a relationship. A discontent often starts building, one that, unchecked, might result in buying an outrageous car or having an affair—anything we can do to blow up our lives in an effort to deal with our dissatisfaction.

This dissatisfaction is just as normal as extroverted antics in our 20s! Blowing something up is definitely an option—but it will only serve you if you do the internal work first.

Marie-Elizabeth says, “There’s so much power and agency and excitement available in midlife because you now care less about what other people think.” You have an opportunity to align what you do and who you want to be, and working on building up that internal worth sets you up for so much success in the third stage.

The third stage: RadiantBody

If, during our PassionBody era, we do the work to figure out who we want to be and what really serves us, it pays off in spades in the RadiantBody stage.

All the doing we had to do starts to wind down, and since we spent the past years learning how to truly pursue alignment, the RadiantBody stage is our chance to just be in that latest aligned self. There’s a long-held idea that women ought to just shrivel up and wither away once their hair starts to grey, and their skin starts to wrinkle—to hell with that! This is when we radiate all that wisdom, self-worth, and passion that we spent the past decades fine-tuning, and it can be the most beautiful thing, as long as we did the work.

Listen to the Rich Life Revolution podcast to hear even more about these stages and the uplifting, life (at every stage)-affirming insights Marie-Elizabeth gives so fully to the women in her orbit. Whatever stage you’re in or approaching, this episode will leave you feeling confident about where you’ve been and where you can go next.

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