Which Sacred Money Archetype Are You? – Ep 5

How is your relationship with money holding you back?

You’ve probably heard that shelling out for a regular latte or buying avocados at the grocery store is what’s keeping you from wealth. I, for one, think that’s crap, and I know I’m not alone!

Despite this nonsense claim, our relationship with money does significantly impact our financial success.

Introducing sacred money archetypes

If you’ve been tuning in to the Rich Life Revolution podcast, you might have heard me mention Sacred Money Archetypes.

The assessment my awesome partner Lisa Broome and I share tells you which archetypes you most embody. No exaggeration: discovering this facet of my personality has been life-changing.

Not only does exploring your archetypes give you so much insight into why you do what you do (enabling you to kick unconscious sabotaging behavior to the curb), but it also helps you interact in a healthier way with all the other people and archetypes in your life, from your romantic partner, to your kids, to your employees.

Crack your money confidence wide open: the 8 archetypes

Let’s break ‘em down, real quick. I’ll be diving into each sacred money archetype in more depth in future posts, but here’s a crash course!

1. Alchemist

This idea generator and idealist is simply overflowing with amazing new business concepts, but this can mean they never quite finish one before they’re on to their next revolutionary dream.

2. Accumulator

If methodical, disciplined decisions and penny-pinching are your love languages, you might be this money-conscious perfectionist who sometimes stresses too much about every dollar spent.

3. Celebrity

These glamorous taste-makers have charismatic and magnetic personalities that open lots of doors, but they can overspend and could be hiding insecurities behind their designer handbags.

4. Connector

The connector is a cheerleader and problem-solver with the potential to make a huge impact, but they give so freely of their ideas and advice that they can struggle to charge what they’re worth.

5. Maverick

This rebel rule-breaker is often the one always looking for new ways to improve every process, but they also have a tendency to burn down a functioning business when they’re ready for something new.

6. Romantic

A dreamer and lover of luxury, the romantic lives in the moment and is adept at inspiring others to do the same. They do have a tendency to ignore finicky details like savings and retirement plans, though.

7. Nurturer

This kind, wise soul wants only to be of service, which can result in overworking and undercharging. Generosity is a beautiful quality, but the nurturer needs boundaries to ensure they aren’t being taken advantage of.

8. Ruler

The boss babe of the group, the ruler is an empire-builder with a workaholic streak. Though their innovation and passion make them a wonderful leader, it can also make them burn out, and sometimes their single-minded focus means they’ll take their whole team down with them.

Which archetype was spot-on for your personality?

Chances are you saw yourself in one or more of the sacred money archetypes. Obviously, the next step is to take the assessment to discover your top three!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out this episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast for way more insights into each archetype!

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