Your CFO

You are a busy entrepreneur – busy running your business but feel that there is a piece missing. Sometimes that missing piece is money. Sometimes it’s time. Sometime it’s both.

You have an “idea” of where you are but you haven’t actually looked at it, analyzed it or worked it out.

This is where I come in as your personal Chief Financial Officer and take away all those questions and doubts. It’s time to stop what you are doing, get waist deep in the numbers because they are the foundation of your business and do some work – I’m right there by your side,  as we make our way through your numbers.

My four pillars of business profitability are:

  1. Clarity – accurate and organized records management that provide us with the information we need to make proactive decisions in our business to support more money in our hands.
  2. Analysis – revenue stream and pricing analysis – these two tracks of business can either sink your ship or lift you higher than you ever thought possible.
  3. Shifting – what’s going on in your mind regarding business and money. Let’s shift away from those upper limits and into abundance and freedom. These are the hidden stories that you may not even realize are holding you back.
  4. Connection – personal accountability and your circle – both play a role in your success.

Michelle will chart your budgets, manage your financial operations and provide in depth analysis to support your growth strategy. This will help you deal with present circumstances and plan for the future.

You work directly with Michelle to help improve your company’s financial foundation and create a strategic plan to build the financial resources the company needs to capitalize on growth opportunities.


Words from those who have DREAMED BIG!

Recently I did an overhaul of my company. It's more than just a few coaches, we have projects and communities that require an infrastructure fit for our massive vision. This overhaul was all about getting the right people in and making sure I am focusing on doing the most important tasks; outsourcing those jobs that are not in my wheelhouse and frankly I'm incompetent in doing. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have a team of talented people who believe in my company vision and are willing to support my endeavors so powerfully.

I brought on Michelle Cooper as an accountant and she will soon be stepping in as my CFO for a project that financially overwhelms me... because it's huge! Before I brought Michelle in officially, she was always there to support, guide and assist me, well before I was even paying her. She has a wonderful heart and wants businesses to succeed, leaders to do what they do best and leave the money stuff to her. I cannot thank her enough for the time, money and brain-space she has saved me already.

James G Butler
Founder/CEO/Owner / Reclaiming Warrior
Michelle has been a god-send for me and my multiple businesses. My 10 year business got a serious face lift when I hired Michelle. She helped be learn to love numbers, get excited about them actually! They now speak to me in a way that make me feel freedom and excitement rather than fear and anxiety. She has helped me stand firm on making hard decisions and has been there to applaud me when it all goes down! I have just started a second business, and without Michelle, I would not have launched with the beautiful framework for success that it has. Michelle has been there to help mould its foundation so I can ensure the most beautiful success possible. Michelle has helped me to change and develop in my weakest areas as a business owner and has breathed new life into me as a business owner. She is worth her weight in gold!
Aryn Savard
Owner & Founder / The Goddess Movement
As a writer in the entertainment biz, I work with words, not numbers. As a sole proprietor, my success depends on not only knowing my strengths, but recognizing when I'm way out of my depth... like I was two years ago when it came to my company's finances. When I approached Michelle Cooper about helping me sort what seemed to be an insurmountable nightmare of WCB and GST and other tax filings, she took the whole mess off my hands, and immediately put me at ease. With Michelle's help, my unfounded phobia of the CRA dissipated. I'm no longer plagued with overwhelming anxiety over business-related taxes, which is awesome, because it means I can focus on the creative aspects of my career. She was equally awesome with my personal taxes. I highly recommend her!
Tihemme Gagnon
Writer, Producer

We start with a complete in-depth analysis of your business to date – where is your revenue coming from and how are you spending it. Which revenue stream is profitable and which perhaps needs to go. From here we work through a complete 18 month forecast as well as a budget to achieve an incredible uplevel.
Your business wouldn’t function without your team so let’s look at that and how we can maximize the production of your team to make your life more fluid. Business is great when we go with the flow.

Mindset and blocks are real and we tackle them head on, working through upper limit problems and money blocks with real tools.


“Your CFO” is completely personalized and looks a little different for every client. Let’s talk today about your business and how we can elevate your profits and business.