Discover How Your Soul’s Library Reveals Your Financial Future: The Akashic Records With Rosalyn Fung – Ep 44

What internal blocks are keeping you from your Rich Life?

Whatever you’re working toward in your Rich Life—a million-dollar business, a rockin’ retirement, new and invigorating relationships—chances are you’ve faced hurdles. My guest this episode is the incredibly intuitive Rosalyn Fung, an Akashic records business coach who channels her psychology training and multiple spiritual modalities into helping clients with leadership and growth goals by opening up the soul libraries of both their own lives and their businesses. She helps them release the blocks that are slowing their revolutions.

The benefits of a guide in your journey

People come to Rosalyn with all kinds of concerns, and questions. She is open to working with her clients through all of these, but there is one thing every individual needs to bring with them to their sessions: a willingness to open themselves to the process.

Much like being open to the directions your business journey might take you, only by being open to what Rosalyn and the masters, teachers, and loved ones she channels reveal can you make progress in your personal and business life. When you’re fully immersed in the Akashic records, Rosalyn says, “it actually quantum leaps your desired results.”

But couldn’t you just do it yourself? Rosalyn is certified in three spiritual modalities, she is a shamanic practitioner, and she channels the Akashic records, but she still gets more from seeing her own healer than when she tries to turn her skills on herself. As she wisely says: we are wounded in relationship, so it makes sense that we heal in relationship. As a communal species, we succeed when we let others help guide us, whether those are friends, spiritual healers, or spirits.

Revealing what we know deep down

The idea of seeing a spiritual guide or healer can be unnerving for some people, and fair enough! It’s easy to get bogged down in the fear of what might be revealed to you when you let down your guard and allow another person to see into your soul and your past, not to mention your past lives.

But Rosalyn points out that she is never going to reveal something to you that you don’t already know somewhere deep inside you. Different people have different degrees of willingness or ability to see what challenges and barriers are keeping them from their highest and best selves, so what you learn might immediately make perfect sense or it might take continued work and some deep introspection before you get there—but you will get there. Your block is a truth, and eventually, that thread of revelation will entwine seamlessly with the tapestry of your life and business.

Spiritual guidance isn’t a magic wand

As Rosalyn says, when you come to a session with her, she isn’t going to reveal something that makes absolutely no sense—she is helping cut the cords and remove the blocks that have been there for a long time, sometimes through multiple lives, and are keeping us from moving forward. On some level, we’re subconsciously familiar with these barriers.

Likewise, Rosalyn isn’t waving a fairy wand over her clients’ heads and making all their problems magically vanish. She can help clear the obstacles and make future progress easier, but it’s not spiritual bypassing; she doesn’t toss her clients straight into success and ease. It’s about shining a light in the darkness, seeing if you’re on the right path, and recognizing the guides that will be additional tools of support on that journey.

If you have been considering spiritual guidance or you’re eager to embrace the assistance of a new approach, I can’t recommend Rosalyn enough. Her practical, insightful, heartfelt approach opened incredible doors for me and my business.

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