Take Control of Your Mind’s Conscious and Unconscious Manifestation – Ep 17

What desire do you most want your subconscious mind to manifest?

Most of us have something we’re longing to achieve that we’re convinced is out of reach. Often, what convinces us are the beliefs we learned early in our lives, ones that are so hardwired into our subconscious minds by the time we’re grown that it might not even occur to us to question them.

The first step to successfully manifesting your richest life is to question, dismantle, and rebuild these beliefs. So, let’s dig in.

Let’s break down some terms

Your conscious mind

Alright, first up: the conscious mind. This is the prefrontal cortex bit of our brains, the one that handles logic and imparts our willpower.

Our conscious mind is reasonable. It has that awesome ability to see how short-term discomfort (like hitting the gym) could have long-term benefits (like wellness as we age). This baby plans for the future and analyzes the past.

Your subconscious mind

Onto the subconscious mind. This section is our primitive brain, and it’s made up primarily of all the stuff programmed into us up until age seven. Early on in our lives, we’re building all those perceptions, beliefs, and fears—the subconscious mind isn’t too great at distinguishing between imagination and reality.

The subconscious mind also isn’t so great at understanding the passage of time. Think of when anxiety kicks in: whenever the trigger happened, be it yesterday, fifteen years ago, or not yet at all, you feel just as anxious as if it’s happening right then. You can thank your subconscious mind for that!

Reticular activating system

Finally, let’s take a look at our reticular activating system. The RAS scrubs the roughly 2.3 billion pieces of information we’re exposed to per second and runs them through a filter. This leaves the rest of the brain to deal with a much more manageable amount, but there’s a catch: the RAS pares down the info based on what our subconscious mind believes or feels is important.

That’s why, if you are thinking about buying clogs, it probably seems like everyone you see this week is wearing clogs—your RAS is highlighting the information you feel is relevant.

It’s time to tweak your programming

How does all this play into conscious and unconscious manifestation? Well, if you’re absolutely convinced that you don’t have it in you to make this business work, that the market is oversaturated, and everyone who’s doing what you’re doing is better educated, guess what your RAS is going to focus on! That’s right—the LinkedIn pages of PhDs in your field and every single mention in your day-to-day life of people who are doing what you do.

The result: a nice self-fulfilling prophecy, because the RAS is leaving out equally true facts like the huge need for what you do or all the high school grads who are also killin’ it.

Now, what happens if you work on retraining your brain to believe you can do the thing? You guessed it! Your RAS will start filtering for facts that support that mindset instead.

All this brain stuff is so incredibly fascinating! In the latest episode of the Rich Life Revolution podcast, I dig into this in way more detail—you definitely want to check it out!

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